06 September 2005

Darius + Downey: We're on it

More cool art that does one of my favorite things: making the mundane of every day life that much more fun. (Like those Heinz ketchup bottles from ages ago-that said things like: "Quiet Please. Tomoatoes In Meeting" and "Sunscreen For French Fries")

Thanks to Japes (J.P.) for the lead.

The exhibition will be on view at jen bekman gallery at 6 Spring Street, New York, NY, from September 7 through October 22, 2005.

the gallery is located @ 6 spring st., between elizabeth st. and bowery.
convenient subway stations include:
6 @ spring st.
n/r @ prince st.
f @ broadway/lafayette


At 11:46 PM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

Hi Sister!

I thought you mighta been gettin' too busy for bloggin'!

I'll read your new entry now.

Love, Rob


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