24 March 2008

Michelle, Politics and Spring

It's great to have Michelle commenting on here :) How'd you find it Chelle?

I'm in a world of donations today:

For my candidate Jeanne Shaheen

And for my cousin who's running for Congress in Texas' 7th District, Michael Skelly.

There are so many races out there that need help-both monetary and volunteer help. If you can, take a look at some races. The DSCC and DCCC are good places to start your search, and find one (or 20) you want to follow. Think of it as Political Season Madness. Get involved, follow along with what's going on. Maybe write a letter to the editor or two on your chosen candidate's behalf. Comment on a blog somewhere about them. Ask friends and family to donate.

Every thing counts. Every dollar, every letter, every phone call, every person you talk to in every line you're standing in and every door you knock on.

No one will ever know what one thing pushes a campaign over the winning edge, and it may just be what you did. No one is immune-we are all affected by politics. So get involved and make a difference you can be proud of! It's up to us to change the course this country is on.

Oh and my bike is on the way. Spring is springing. Thank God.


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Maria said...

I love your passion and commitment!


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