30 July 2005


If I was really excited...oh, say, about a really great dinner I just had at Levain then I'd probably post what you see to the left.

Yup. That's it! Fo' shiz!

I had tuna wrapped in scallop, seared. Then duck. With figs. A pineapple, coconut amuse bouche with green curry foam (are you KIDDING?! And, nummers!, was it good!). This place is NOT fooling around. Thank you Steven Brown. Thank you Brad (our stunning server).

Too bad that's the extent of my review.

Plus this: Levain has the best looking line I've ever seen. ("Line" refers to the chefs who are "under" the Executive Chef. In this case, Steven Brown.) They are h.o.t.! Nice one Chef Brown!


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