14 August 2005

A Day on Mannahatta

Manahatta was the first name for Manhattan, it was the given name from the Native Americans we "bought" the land from for A DOLLAR. I learned this from required PBS program "New York". I loved the movies and think about watching them again. Or watching them in parts because they put me to sleep after an hour. Anyhow, today I was out walking, first to walk my friend Sara (Sara's on the left) to the subway, but not before we got chai and ham and cheese croissants. Le Kiosk is a simple little place right above the 1st Ave exit of the 2nd Ave F/V subway stop (E. Houston and 1st Ave). I like it because I can imagine myself to Paris and sometimes, that's what I like to do. I took this picture on my Sidekick II (I love it and soon will be able to post here FROM it...) and it's a bit blurred, but if you're walking by and this place looks familiar, I strongly encourage you to park yourself and check out the scene that develops.

Then I was walking home (after I'd said goodbye to Sara (Sara on the left again :)) and noticed trees with lights that were powered by little solar packs in the dirt beside them. The first thing I thought of, well, of course, was that no one was paying for that electricity, which I love. Secondly, can you IMAGINE the cut in noise if we were predominently solar or wind powered societies? It seems dream-like to me. I think it (life with less noise) would inspire more peace than a million wars can. But that's just radical, hippie me, I suppose.

(I know it shouldn't be difficult, but I can't make these pictures be right side up...sorry!)

So that's what I was thinking. Check out Powerlight for more info on solar energy.

Then I went home. And tried to stay cool in my apartment. That was impossible today. So my roommate and I went to see Wedding Crashers so we could be cooler. That part didn't really work since all of New York had the same idea as we did. But what we did do was buy a six pack in agreement that US theaters should sell beer, like every other country in the world. We took that upon ourselves. And we had ourselves a real New York sort of afternoon.

Then I got a manicure and a pedicure, watched 5 minutes of The Family Guy and have since hid in my room to listen to the rain storm and try to convince myself that I do not live in tropical conditions, but rather I live in a concrete oven, that is Mannahatta.


At 3:14 PM, Anonymous andy said...

how do those solar panels manage under the shade of the tree they later illuminate? Seems a tad wack.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Susie said...

you're a tad wack and we keep you lit.

hehehe, just kidding, Andy. Point taken and I don't know. It just pleased me.


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