11 August 2005

Random Thoughts Accompanied by Random Links (Subtitle: Bored?)

Ohm Spa What I'd like to do is the "nail treatment" and the "deep tissue massage". Fabulous. Some day when I don't have to call around and ask people to hold off on cashing the checks I've written them. (Especially crappy when I have to consider calling landlord who WAITS UNTIL THE 15TH TO CASH MY RENT CHECK. He clearly doesn't understand my plight.) I like this more than the idea of "Bliss". I don't want to be blissed out, I want to be whole (and massaged, calm, serene, etc.).

Paperboy Remember this, guys?

The Unseen Video A coworker recommended this link to me. The video is cool (click on Quicktime unless you're super tech advanced), it's made in correspondence to weather (Rob, you might like that :)) and the music is amazing-by Mike Milosh. I've been trying to buy it on iTunes and they won't let me (and I've even tried to stop check payments to finance it...Oh Milosh)! (Temper tantrum ensues.)

Mike Milosh Review of Milosh's "You Make Me Feel". Highly recommended.

Arts and Letters Daily A generous service of the Chronicle of Higher Education. News, essays, etc.

Bill Maher on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He translates rap from "rap in to white" speak. Will make you laugh (if you have a sense of humor). It's 21:20 in to the show.

New York vs. Trans Fats It's amazing how bad this stuff is for people. And it's appaling that the FDA doesn't do its job and regulate.

Atmosphere = Eggshell? Uh oh. Thanks for saying something, though.

Now it's time for me to head out and go get some dinner. I'm going to the BEST taco shack in Manhattan: Snack Dragon (at Ave B b/t 2nd and 3rd streets). I would link to it, but Menu Pages has shat the bed for the moment apparently...

Hasta Luego!


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

If you're so bored, why don't you read my blog!

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be grateful you're not unemployed.

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Susie said...

Not about me being bored, about providing entertainment...I'm incredibly grateful I'm not unemployed and even more grateful I have the most beneveloent boss ever to exist...Now to enjoy my day off! :)


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