05 August 2005

McDonald's vs. Niger

Niger is suffering a gross violation of the social contract we are all unwittingly, dyingly joined in by birth. I read this NYT article this morning while eating my granola from my local natural foods grocery with organic yogurt, peanuts, raisins and sunflower seeds. I felt like throwing up. Out of guilt, out of shame, anger and pure gratefulness that I've never, ever once gone hungry for lack of availability of nutritious food.

What this article made me think of was McDonald's.

McDonald's should sack up and sponsor relief efforts. Food Aid by governments is undoubtedly flawed (see "US Food Aid Needs Major Reform at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's website). If we're going to be capitalists and we're going to "spread democracy" and all that, then those responsible for the ever-progressing, malignant, corporate globalization should 1) foot the bill 2) be responsible to the earth and its inhabitants.

A billion dollar corporation, basking in the fruits of raping the Amazon Rain Forest, deregulation of US farms and feeding people the absolute most unhealthy, disgusting food possible. It's time for McD's to do their time. And do their part.

We live in a corporate run world, under their laws, with their ideas in our heads and their government in our congress. It's about time they started behaving with a sense of responsibility to the social contract they're currently violating. Exxon should mop up their oil spills, then insure that they never happen again by investing and growing renewable energy sources-solar, wind, bio diesel, whatever. If they have to, just do it for the money. It seems like Goldman-Sachs gets it.

This is also an official request from me to you: boycott McDonald's, Chipotle and Boston Market. For me, the environment, the world...for you...


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Seth Weintraub said...

Might want to upgrade that glass house before you hurl another stone my friend. Sometimes we benefit - indirectly - from McDonald's and their branding dollar.

keepin ya honest -

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Susie said...

No doubt.

I also recognize the abyss between my personal politics and my work.

Also, what I like about our work is that we might, just MIGHT, be able to move some of these things in the right (correct) direction.

Thanks for "keeping me honest" ;)

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