09 January 2006

Sopranos; New Shoes; Sleep More; Citibank

I'm watching The Sopranos, trying to catch up on the last (how many??) seasons before this one starts. I have to say, genius marketing ploy by HBO. And I enjoy it. I've been told my next series to enjoy is The L Word. I actually ventured to New Hope, PA last night to watch the premier with my good friends Sara and Renee. It was better than I remember it, although I've only seen three or four episodes. Maybe that'll be next, but I have hours before I'm done with The Sopranos and I'm enjoying my time with the NJ mob.

I made an impulse purchase of red shoes. Because I'm in love with them and these were less expensive than I've ever seen them before.

Sleep is becoming more and more a priority. I'm trying to work out how I'm going to work it in. I'm also having unreasonable fantasies about becoming some sort of travel director. For a volunteer program maybe? Take people to the last pieces of wild in the world and do volunteer projects to help sustain forests for just a little longer. Or maybe luxury safaris with no socially redeeming value what-so-ever, but I get to see Africa?

What I want is in ridiculous flux at the moment and it's giving me a headache. Career? Travel? Debt? Solvency? Stability v. excitement and adventure?

Any ideas are welcome, either in comments or in emails. But please, if you don't like the shoes, keep your mouth shut :)


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous pw said...

I LOVE the shoes. y.o.m.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger cole said...

you could become a cruise director like julie on the love boat! everybody loved julie and she seemed genuinely happy with her job.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Borky said...

Nice Shoes dood.


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