31 March 2006

The Owl

I've been saying for a year that an owl lives outside my apartment. People tell me I'm crazy, there's no owl in Alphabet City, but there is! She lives outside my window and sometimes makes me able to imagine myself in the north woods. Also, I think it was Brendan, when he was here last weekend who heard her. Which completely validates my owl beliefs.

Susie and Brendan on Inaguration Day 2004. In DC and Brendan takes to shouting "Cheney '08!" to everyone he sees, especially people in tuxedos. It actually ended up getting us a couple rounds of free drinks. Nice work, dude!

Back to birds: I miss the loons. Their song is next to heaven (Dad, remember playing loon songs on my computer to get them to talk to us? Rob was there, too, I think. Was fabulous, but I think a tiny bit cruel?) But I trust my mother to keep me updated on the loons whereabouts and doings on HER blog Loon Watch. How many babies do they have in their lifetimes?

Shots should go out, too, to my brother (who's in Woods Hole, MA, right now gearing up for 6 weeks at sea starting in April, right Rob?) who has a prodominantly, really innformative (funny, too!) blog Bazz Fazz Flong Jompers (even the name is funny!).

Y'all are funny. Dad, too. I'm glad you're my family.


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You're the best!


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