26 April 2006

In Response To My Overzealous Last Post

I woke up this morning at 6am. Something, lots of things?, was/were on my mind. Finances, where my folks were going to sleep (they come to town on Sunday. YAY!!), what my brother is going to do while I'm working all night (3/3 nights he's here) this weekend while he's visiting (YAY!!), what the f (as my mother says :) ) I'm doing and whether it's the time, or if there's a good time or not, to move back to Minnesota, call it a day and marry some frosty the snowman and wear snowsuits the rest of my life. Or move somewhere else? Or....

My revelation was in form of a previously written, long over due, post. When I woke up at 6, I was UP. Awake. And I'd gone to bed at 11, so it was not my requisite 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is really, very important to me, my attitude and my (and sometimes others') well being. I was up, energized, writin' about metro cards...cause that's logical. ANYWHO, I finally got tired again around 7:30. I wanted to be up a bit before 8, so I could rollerblade, have a liesurely steam and shower, eat some breakfast and get on the floor. I decided to just "shut my eyes for a second." Can you see it coming?!

I overslept and had to take a cab to work.



At 12:59 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Hey, your blog was funny as hell today! I saw it coming! I am glad your people are coming for your birthday. I got a call from D today (he left a message), and DJ&B are definitely coming back to the US. I'll let you know the details when I find out, but I hope they move to Carolina! There's a hip little bakery for sale, and the place rocks! Happy birthday, May Day girl! I hope you take your peeps to the protest this weekend ~~~

At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Ames said...


At 11:12 AM, Blogger cole said...

yes, get an RV!! genious. why didin't i think of that?


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