25 March 2008

Art Update

So...I was completely wrong.

Not Japanese artist, but a Finish artist.

Artist Maija Louekari. If you click on "textile prints," scroll right and you'll see a bunch of her cool work.

If I could read it, I think it would say that this is a gallery or store:

Marimekko Oyj Suomi

And if I were to guess again, I'd say this piece is called "Kaiku" and was made in 2004.

Who knew? I'm into Scandinavian art. This calls for a trip to Finland! (In my dreams...)

I was also reading a book of poems my mom and dad gave me last Christmas by Bill Holm called Playing the Black Piano. It's a beautiful compilation, mostly about life, and of course, death. There's a poem I read that made me think of the art, that I want to share with you in this post, but I left the book at home. So, again. This will require an update!

Sending love, world round.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger Peggy W said...

I've got the book with me. I'm reading one of my favorites for G'ma's service on Saturday morning. It's the last one in Playing the Black Piano (how do you underline in the comments section?) A lovely poem: "Letting Go of What Cannot Be Held Back"


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