30 July 2005

Franken: Please take Coleman's Senate Seat! It's getting too heavy for his empty suit...

I just read this on the Huffington Post about Norm Coleman (R-MN) flip-flopping on stem cell research. Now, just because he's coming to a place where I can agree with him doesn't mean he's getting any nearer or dearer to my heart. And I CERTAINLY will not vote for him.

Enter: Al Franken. This is my personal plea to Mr. Franken to please run for Coleman's Senate seat. Minnesota needs you; the US needs you. We need you for your wit; we need you for your populist politics; and we need you to help revive this state to what it could be, and was on its way to being, under the leadership of Senator Wellstone.

Chances are good that Mr. Franken is up to the battle: Franken says he's more likely than not to run for Senate '08.

Go for it, Al!


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