16 August 2005

Down the Hatch

  • Down the Hatch
  • is a fine establishment. Strongly recommended for the good deals. Right in the heart of the W Village. (I don't know why there's a bullet point there. I don't think I put it there...) It's not as NYU-y as the reviews say. Or maybe it is and the THREE DOLLAR BEER distracted me. It's a little rough and tumble, but nothing YOU can't handle.

    It's a good place with beer that is cheap! I mean cheap, you can still afford rent, cheap. $3 tonight for a pint. OK, $2 for a bottle of Heinekin at Corner Bistro, great. $3 for a pint of Stella? Sign me up. (Although, if you want a burger, definitely go to the Bistro.)

    Cheers to Dylan, Seth for showing it to me, ultimately to Mattie for telling Dylan about it. Matt has good experience with this city ("good" as in quantity, not "good" as in quality). And I appreciate it.


    At 2:42 PM, Blogger eefers said...

    Atomic Wings!


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