02 August 2005

As long as we're on politics...

I've just discovered Amy Sullivan of Washington Monthly. Nicely.

Two articles: One came out right after the '04 Presidential election and I've loved it ever since. Fire the Consultants. This is about how the Dems are, seemingly, expressly not using talent that has essentially developed its self (oppose to the Pubbies who grow their talent from zygotes) and instead using consultants who have solid track records...of failure.

The next is about, ahhh, Hillary in '08. Not so fast... I'm still on the fence re: Hill in '08. I think she a great leader (especially if people get over her being a woman) but I'm not sure the American public is ready for her.

I guess we just have to hang on and see what happens. Please Gov. Dean, take us in A direction

...just SOMEwhere!


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Eightgun said...

The fact that the consultants have a track record of failure does not prove that they are incompetent. Even an expert salesman has a hard time selling products people hate. If the Democrats want to win they need to get a new product to sell, not new salesmen.

The best thing the Democratic party can do for itself is to eschew voices that belong on the margins of U.S. politics: the things that Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Jimmy Carter, and Michael Moore do and say alienate mainstream America. Even a lot of very open-minded people don't want to be associated with these folks. As long as this gang's thoughts and sentiments are identified with the Democratic Party, the Democrats will have to depend on losers, minorities, union sheep, and elites to vote for them--and they don't have the rock-solid grip on the minority vote that they used to.

Best of luck.

At 2:17 AM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

That's not so eightball. The left will determine a way to win, by focusing on economic issues (i.e. no more tax cuts for the ultra-rich), and by speaking up about our superior moral standards. You don't have to Einstein to realize the repugnicans don't practice what they preach in regard to ethics and moral stands. Progressives clearly have the upper hand as far as moral values are concerned!

Just look at what a man with a backbone and a record of resistance, e.g. Bernie Sanders, can do with broad based popular support from across the spectrum, Ds, Rs and even Gs, not too mention the Is.

Check out this article on Bernie at The Nation.

At 1:48 AM, Blogger Peggy W said...

Jimmy Carter???


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