16 January 2006

Road Trip

I'd LOVE to go on a road trip! I've always wanted to drive from Alaska to Costa Rica. Stopping in CR for no other reason than because I love it. Above is a picture I took when Cris and I were driving from SF to Minneapolis one summer. I think it must have been 2000. Now those were some good times. Cris and I have actually driven across the entire country together, now that I think of it. From Minneapolis to Vermont, back to Minneapolis through Canada (that one was with Michelle); then from Oakland, CA back to Minneapolis. She joined me because my parents wouldn't let me do the drive alone-they were right, I had a lot more fun with Cris along. Funny enough, now she lives in the Bay Area. Go figure.

I miss traveling.

I'm going to get rid of my debt, establish a career, then take a year off. This should all be able to happen by the time I'm 50 years old. (Crossing my fingers on that one.)


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