06 February 2006

Pete and Brian's One Man Show Opens TONIGHT!

As I mentioned a while back, Pete and Brian's One Man Show is going up TONIGHT! I really hope you go-it's really fun and funny! (And a steal at $4.99 with free beer...)

From their website:

Pete and Brian's One Man Show is back!

Every monday @ 8:00

February 6th to March 13th

That's six mondays!

With a different guest host and new opening acts every week! Woohoo!

The 13th Street Repertory Company
50 West 13th Street (b/t 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.)

only $4.99!

for tickets, e-mail onemanshowtickets@gmail.com,
or call 212.502.3603

please let us know your name, what date you would like to come, how many tickets you want, your contact info, and your favorite word--maybe we'll incorporate it into the show!

[note: we're not going to incorporate your favorite word into the show.]


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