02 October 2006

Job, Art, Marriage and Minnesota

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

I'm back after a long hiatus. A whole week!! A lot has happened and was going on, that's where I've been. I'm sorry I've been absent!

Last Wednesday was my last day at my fancy pants job at a private member's club in Manhattan. My last day I stayed three hours late and felt crushed by upper management. Whew! No more of that!

Then Kate and Matt succeeded in having the greatest, most fun parties all weekend long. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in the affair and was impressed by the breadth and depth of the people who surround and love them. When I get my hands on some pictures I'll be sure to put some up. It was GORGEOUS at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis with many other events at the new and amazing Chambers Hotel. Was just taking a gander at the art at the original Chambers Hotel, which, of course, is in Manhattan and it's pretty amazing: Chamber's Art. I've put some of the art throughout this post, too!

It's funny, after working in a hotel/restaurant/bar/event spaces, events will never ever be the same. The hotel is gorgeous but I got the sense immediately that they're still feeling new at it and trying to figure it out. The same bartender who was there til 2am last night was there again at 11am this morning-which, actually, reminds me of my former place of employ. Whew.

Got a couple really cool dresses for the wedding-I had one lined up, but when it arrived it became apparant very quickly that it just wouldn't do. For the Rehearsal Dinner I got a great number from Anthropologie and then for the wedding I got a classic cocktail dress that will last me as long as I fit in it! I'm very excited about them :)

(Rehearsal Dinner)

(Ceremony-we all got to choose our own black cocktail dress, which I think is SUCH a good idea!! The detail on this dress that I really like is the strap on the left is wrapped through a hole in the dress. It's cool...I think I'll wear this forever!)

New job starts Wednesday-this one I can talk about more freely than my last! I'll be the Events Director at a small event production company. That confuses people a little because we're not in film, but, that's what we do: produce events. I'm coming in to build a corporate events department and I'm really excited for the challenge. Our company is also opening a bar this week, which should be cool, too. The guys I'll be working with are experienced, fun, young and committed to "being honest in a dishonest business"- a motto that I love!

Finally, about Minnesota: it's one of the most beautiful places in the world, I think. I actually called to change my plane ticket to stay longer, but decided that $100 was too much to pay for just one more day. I wish my folks were home-then it would have been worth it! But they're in Siberia. Of course. HA! Check out my parent's blog Whit Web Wanderings. It's really cool and they're kicking it hard core over there! So envious, and proud of them!

Must go to sleep now. The wedding was great, but it took everything I had! More soon, I hope!!


At 4:15 AM, Blogger WhitWeb said...

Love your new dresses--both of them. Betcha you looked like a million bucks too. Wish we could have been there. Thought of you when we saw an Akademgorodok wedding party at the botanical garden on Friday. The groom waved but the bride did not look happy to have us taking her picture. I suppose it's rude...

We've heard from a couple of MN folks that the weekend weather was spectacular. That always is a bonus when the weather is so hard to predict.

We walked to the Ob Sea this morning. It's the result of a dam on the Ob River that runs through Novosibirsk. We six (Dad, our four student friends, and I) were the only ones there!

glad you'll have time to catch your breath before you officially start your new job...

Love and hugs and kisses,


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