15 August 2006

Dreams Are Getting Stranger

So, last night I slept a lot. In response to an apparent siege on hours upon hours of my sleep, the defensive stepped in and slept all the hours this girl'd missed over the last few, eventful, interesting days. The result of this are excellent dreams. Nothing fabulous, as you'll read, but long, disparate and odd. And yet, related to, at least, each other.

I'm going to keep this short as I have to go to work (which I actually feel OK about today).

Last night in my dream, I married my first boyfriend. A long drawn out ceremony, where'd I'd apparently opted out of sending invitations and none of my friends or family were there. The marriage ceremony seemed to be almost a sideshow. His mom was there, which isn't too odd, but she died while we were dating. Dana, my first boyfriend, was older, slimmer (he's jacked) and haggard looking. The ring was too modern for me. Encrusted rubies, surrounded by encrusted diamonds all of which was encircled by a brushed silver outer ring. Too modern and too much. As the dream progressed I switched it from hand to hand.

Then after the wedding, Dana and I met up with Cassie (my current roommate and good friend) to help her design the floor of a store she was opening for a client.

Who knows. Good while it lasted though :) at least, interesting.

I welcome dreaming to come back into my life. It makes it more interesting and fun :)


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