25 December 2006

Is It Wrong That I Still Love Santa?

The answer, my dearest, is NO!

Had a great time with Peggy, Bob, Rob and Susan opening each other's gifts and gifts from Santa.

Pictures forthcoming. I apparently have adopted a practice of my mother's which is everything I get I try to put on my body. You'll see evidence of this shortly. Also, my brother walked into his room (where I went to hide and sleep at 7am when he wanted to put a fire in the fireplace in the living room...) handed me santa shorts and a hat and told me that I needed to wear these things.

The Beginning



Me with the addition of socks

Me with socks and tassle thing that Susan gave me (she says I'll understand it sooner or later...)

Rob and Susie (Mom needs a Christmas picture, no?) ...Adding red sweater, teal sweater around the neck...

Oy. Good times kids. Good times and GREAT new earrings!! Rob got me really pretty amethyst dangly earrings and my parents got me gorgeous pearls in Hong Kong earlier this year. My dad famously buys me great sweaters and did it again this year. My favorite presents I got other people are the wood circular holder/art piece I got Rob (I thought it would make a nice altar; he suggested fruit holder, which would be really pretty); got Susan a cool candle holder with lots of little mirrors which will be good for her winter solstice observation, a cool ornament that says "serenity is a moonlit garden" (she's a huge, wildly successful gardener) and "The Real Sex Kitten's Handbook" (she's cool like that ;); Mom a trip to Nordstrom to find a pair of earrings to replace some she lost in Idahoe at a wedding last summer; Dad and Rob "Freakonomics"; Dad a sweater Rob and I got him. I can't wait to have money and buy them plane tickets and stuff...one day :)

All in all, all good! Off to Hayward to Wildwood for another wild party!


At 11:44 PM, Blogger Seth Weintraub said...

dude. Your blogging is getting much better now that you don't have a job :P

Looks like fun in cold land. Married on Friday!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Maria said...

The socks totally make the outfit!


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