15 January 2007

French Broad Luscious Chocolates...You'd Best Be a Believer!

Dan and Jael are geniuses. They've passed on their amazing personal prowess to a small human named Samuel Benjamin, pictured below.

Yes, that is an ACTUAL child. I know every child is beautiful, but Sam, who goes my the moniker, The Buddah, exceeds every precedent set.

They have passed their creative talents to another child, who would only send a picture of its logo, but not of itself, called French Broad Luscious Chocolates; logo below. My personal favorite is the "Testimonial"page.

This is the sticker that was on my box of chocolates and now it's on my bedroom door in Brooklyn :)

So, not to overstate it, and I really don't think I am, I found the chocolate company that I will be with for the rest of my life. I see big things for us, French Broad Luscious Chocolates. They sent me a box for Christmas and I sampled some of the most lovely truffles I've ever had. (They have even improved since Jael's truffles (now Dan and Jael's truffles, they weren't happily and cutely married yet and, if I remember correctly, Jael started experimenting with chocolate (although an already accomplished chef)) right around when Dan made his second batch of Mole (I've lived through two: one at his apt in Minneapolis and another at the house we rented together on singularly the best street in America: Milwaukee Ave in Minneapolis, as well. I'll see if I can rustle up some photos of that bad boy. What a house, what a Halloween party. Or of us unloading the box truck when we decided to heat the house entirely with wood stove heat.) ANYWAY, back to the subject at hand. Jael: chocolate; Dan: mole. They moved to Costa Rica for a year and then back to the US in, what I understand is, the delicious, hippie town of Ashville, North Carolina. And now, they're putting their efforts into their three children (one more human on the way!) and we are going to benefit from all of them! I highly recommend you give these chocolates a whirl. They make GREAT gifts!

I have a million more things to write. They'll have to wait for now...


At 12:04 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Oh my god, those chocolates are to die for!!! I already put in an order for two more boxes. I love the indian chai one. I love them all. I love the packaging, the love that went into them, the concept, it's just too wonderful!!! I really need to get my feedback sheet back to Dan-o.

Makes me want to quit my job and go work for Dan & Jael -- they can pay me in chocolate!


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