03 May 2007

2 Things:

Hi-za--Two things:

On the right you'll see a little box with random things from me in it. I can text things to this box and tell you where I am, what I'm doing and how things are going. I will do this often. It's through a service called Twitter and it updates ALL RIGHT, but not really fast enough. I'll update and you can check status on my Twitter page-that will be MUCH more up to date as far as I can tell from my simple experiments today.

Next, much more IMPORTANT: Florida goes back to PAPER BALLOTS!

My favorite part of this, other than the actual reinstatement of paper ballots (which I learned of through MoveOn's website while reading about the banners they flew over tonight's Republican Debates) is that it's in Australia's newspaper. Not LA's, not Florida's, but Australia's. Thank God for a 24 hour news cycle, right?!

Shots out (the good kind) to FL's legislature. Maybe we can all FINALLY learn a palpable lesson from those long long 36 days in 2000.


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