04 May 2007

Adam Sandler

I love Adam Sandler.

At a job I had in New York I had the great pleasure of taking his silverware away from him because he was beating on a metal table with them. It was genuinely one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard in my life. I walked over, sat down beside him in an empty chair and explained to him how annoying it was that he was making such a horrendous sound. He asked who I was, I told him. I walked away.

He did it again. I went over, smiled at him and took his and all the surrounding silverware away without a word. Enter: Mr. Sandler's bewilderment. I told him they could all have it back when they got their food.

We went on to have a fun evening, as much as a patron and manager can have. I gave him and his entourage a tour of a closed portion of the place I worked, where I got to tell him I've seen none of his movies. He said, "really?" I said, "no, I love them."

I have held this day dear-the day I made Adam Sandler laugh-until about five minutes ago.

Adam Sandler is a republican.

I know I'm supposed to love everyone regardless, and I will never not love Sandler's work. But it colors who people are for me so much; the values they hold high, how they respect and who they respect and what they think of politicians and themselves.

At the cabin now, so many more random ramblings inspired by reading lefty blogs and mainstream news coming your way!

I'll try to make some of them upbeat, I swear :)


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