18 August 2005

Well, a couple things...

My parents, as retired, hedonistic and still taking care of me as they are, are still politically active. I was UBER impressed when my mom invited me to her vigil for Cindy Sheehan at her and my dad's home in Wisconsin. Little did she know, they'd be the most popular vigil in the hood! The two nearest were in Sommerset, WI and Menomonie, WI. Neither of which are close to where-they-are, WI. My mom, as of about 4:15 EDT, thought she and my dad would be the only ones at the vigil at their house.

They weren't alone, of course.

I am extremely proud of my parents. They have been outspoken about the wrong-doings of Bush administration for as long as I can remember. They confront their friends, even when it's uncomfortable; they continually teach my brother and me, while they continue, to speak truth to power.

I am forever indebted to their teachings.

Cindy Sheehan, I remember you and your son Casey tonight. Thank you for all you are doing.


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