01 March 2006

Looking For a Place To Live

So...a little piece of Manhattan for ya'all's. I found out yesterday that our (two guys and my) rent is going up from $2500 to $3000 a month. Now, with our current situation, I'm paying $700 which is a *steal* for my neighborhood and room. When I'll be paying $900, it ceases to be a *steal* and I'm not interested. With said new bed, I literally have 3 square feet of space in my room. Why live here when I can either pay the same in Brooklyn for more space or even rack up the rent a few notches and get something spectacular, not in Manhattan.

I woke up after 4 hours of sleep because of this issue. I rarely wake up after 4 hours of sleep. I've emailed my current roommate the news that I'm looking. He doesn't know yet, since he's still asleep. It's sad. I wanted to live here for another year. I was getting into nesting and actually had ideas for my wee room. I finally feel committed to living in New York. Just when New York rent uproots me (blaming outwards--maybe it's just time for a move or a change. Maybe this is the universe reminding me to not be complacent..that's another discussion).

I'm pretty sure what the landlord is doing (raising rent with one month's notice; raising rent 20% in one fell swoop) is illegal. But I'm not sure I'm in to fighting it as there are more and more bars being built and rent is skyrocketing all around us (at $3000, according to our landlord, we'd still be paying the least of anyone in our building). So, if not this month, in a year I'd be ejected. It's sad, but true.

I think back to the days of Minnesota. I was paying $550 for a two bedroom HOUSE. With a garage! And a full kitchen! And a fire place-on a block with no car traffic! I can't think about that too long. It might send me over the edge!

So, for your reading pleasure, here's what I wrote to potential new roommates when I woke up at 7.30am in a slight panic/quandry about what to do. [brackets are my commentary to you, not to the potential new roommates]


My name is Susie-I'm interested in the posting you have on Craigslist for the room in your apartment. I'm getting squeezed out of what *was* a great deal in Alphabet City by a landlord who has recently realized what other people are paying in my hood. I love it, but I have to leave to find a better value, and maybe fewer loud, late night bars!

I'm 25 years old, straight and female (I don't know if I've ever heard of a male named "Susie"...) [I'm a dork! What's it to ya?!]. I work as an events manager in a [too much information for a blog, thanks!]. My hours are all over the map and I enjoy my work [the first part's not a lie, the second part is kind of a lie, but is sometimes less so]. I usually have two days off a week, although usually not consecutively and definitely not "regular"! On my days off I like to watch some TV, maybe walk around town and see friends when I can [did I mention sleep?].

I keep common areas neat and clean-a clean bathroom is really important to me as well as a collective effort to keep the common areas clean!

I come with little furniture-just my bedroom stuff.

To give you more of a sense of me (I feel like this is really dry-it's 7.30 in the morning for God's sake!) I listen to anything from Enya to Radiohead; Wilco, Ani DiFranco, U2, being some of my favorites. I watch the Sopranos and would watch Jon Stewart more if I was home. I'm a little addicted to Sunday night TV: Desperate Housewives, the L Word and Grey's Anatomy. I like movies, but can never remember them.

I have a lovely boyfriend and he spends the night sometimes. I'm 420 friendly, but not a regular smoker. I don't smoke cigarettes and I do drink wine and beer at home. I cook periodically but eat regularly! I believe in karma. I worked on the John Kerry campaign before I moved to Manhattan. I'm from Minnesota and went to college in Oakland, CA. I like to travel and I love people. I appreciate a clean kitchen and good sleep. Whew...

I'm afraid I will keep waking up at 7:30am until I get my April housing situation sorted!

I could come see the place this afternoon. I look forward to hearing from you-


I dunnno...hopefully something works out! I am looking a couple places that are a little more expensive, but I'm OK with that. As long as the room has more than 3 sq feet of space after I put in my minimal furniture!

I'm sure this is not the last you'll hear of this...Any advice or amazing leads, much appreciated!



At 1:21 AM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

I wake up at 7 AM. What's wrong with that?

It's good to be up when it's light out.

Well, I think it's off to bed for me, in my $325/month 13x13 room.

Sweet Dreams!

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Peggy W said...

I just lost my comments here for the second time. Gotta learn how to save a draft when I'm not ready to publish. Raised rent is such a bummer especially with such short notice at such a rate. Don't despair...something will come up.


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