26 February 2006


Main Entry: 2 proportional
Function: adjective
1 a : corresponding in size, degree, or intensity b : having the same or a constant ratio "corresponding sides of similar triangles are proportional"
2 : regulated or determined in size or degree with reference to proportions "a proportional system of immigration quotas"

I got a new bed, which is really exciting. It's a lot bigger than the one I had before which was a twin, so that doesn't take too much. But, now, my bed takes up over half my room. Which means that my room is fewer than 100" long. Which is disturbing in and of itself. Although, with the article about the changing LES (Lower East Side, y'alls), I consider that I pay a minimal amount of money for living *ah hem* wheres I's livin', and at least I know why: 1) it's New York 2) I live across the street from, as I understand it, one of the "coolest" bars downtown 3) Did I mention it's New York? And a pretty sweet apartment (I use the word "sweet" pretty loosely here. If you are in any other city than NYC, this is a distinctly *not sweet* apartment)...

...For the cost, it's quite proportional to what I "should" pay for living in the LES, more appropriately "Alphabet City", and this article proves that I *AM CORRECT*! That's that. Although, I should note, that our (my two roommates and my's) landlord has called and said, "with the rising interest in the neighborhood..ah, well, I'm going to have to call you back." Oy. We're collectively scared for the news to be delivered, but we're prettys sure it's illegal to deliver that news two to three days before we renew our lease. Lawyers, anyone? Whatever. We'll start making the bum on our step pay us a percentage...as long as the cops don't kick him off because of the yuppie scum who're 'swingin' by'. At least there are cabs in front of my place if I need one...

Anyway, getting back to proportions, proportianlity and proportionally.

I've decided, that even if my bed is RIDICULOUSLY large for the minute space it's in, at least the bed represents, proportionally, how important sleep and other bed-related (sorry family), activities are to me. I mean, the bed takes up half my room. Which is still maybe less time than sleep and sex take up of my life. If the rest of the room could be built exactly like my work, it would represent my life (not proportionally since I spend more waking hours at work...) but that would be REALLY lame and kind of depressing. Since I really do spend...hold for calculation...168 hours in the week...The average work week, probably 65 hours a week at work... That's average. Extremes will not be calculated here due to family member's heart conditions. That's 39% of my weekly time at work. Sleep? Let's be optimistic. 8 hours a night would be 33%. Sleep plus work = 72%. I probably really get 6 hours. That's 42 hours. That's a quarter of my week. Together it's 64% of my time. Now, I cannot go in to further analysis because that would require me to go analyze the hours I spend in sexual activity and that would be awkward. So bottomline, it's not true. The bed is not in proportion to how much time I spend in it. It's only proportionate to how much time I *wish* I spent in it.


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