29 January 2007

T Mobile Took My Money and MY TIME

Oy. I wish I hadn't told three different customer representatives my T Mobile story. If I hadn't, I maybe possibly might have the energy to convey to you here and now what an outstanding customer I've been since 2003 (they use the year, not the number of years to denote this); how great an early adopter I am (thanks to my mother's tech-loving ways); and how many contract upgrades I've been subject to to save a mere $50 on a new phone (oh, say a Sidekick III).

I use words like abused, hurt, frustrated with them and phrases like "when we break up".

But they come at me with, "I can see how this must be frustrating for you." I mean, I used to appreciate the communication skills T Mobile (or at least teaching their people to know how to FAKE good communication with the language), but now it's mocking. And they're not really listening, they're saying the same god damn thing over and over and over, no matter the dulcet tones in which they convey the contractual agreement (also known as MARRIAGE or INDENTURED SERVITUDE) that I've committed to.

All for $50.

There is redemption. Almost--we're on the path, really. If all works out, I may not have extended my contract (which, how I described it to the lady was, "if I do this I will be with you until I'm well over 30 (white lie) and I don't plan on being with you for the rest of my life!"), I may get (FINALLY) a replacement Sidekick III, all for free.

This begs the question: why did five months ago no one tell me this?

A year and a half T Mobile. That's all you have to impress me. You should be grateful and perform fabulously. Most people only have one evening before I decide to keep 'em or cut 'em loose. But then again, I'm not married to them.


At 4:47 AM, Blogger Maria said...

LOL! I think that is all cell phone providers! T-mobile is "the" phone company in Germany and everyone I have spoken to hates their customer service.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Sara said...

i know a good marriage counselor if you need one ;-)

At 7:21 PM, Blogger cole said...

i almost never sell my soul to cingular. i have been with them since 2001 and have received countless offers for free upgrades without too much more moola being sucked from my wallet.

in fact we don't have a lan line cuz we dig on provider.


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