05 May 2007

Life Is Not Just

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your parents told you that life wasn't fair, and yet you still expect justice — is it really too much to ask? Well, your parents should've said that life isn't fair in the short run. It all works out in the karma of long stretches of time.

Keep your expectations grounded in reality today. If you let yourself fly off on flights of fancy, you will end up being disappointed. Perfection is impossible, no matter what the magazine covers tell you. Your life can't be perfect, no matter how you or anyone else in it tries. Have patience. Go too fast, and you'll never discover the wonderful things that await beneath the surface.

Good lord, Yahoo
Either Yahoo is anal as all get out or Google is messed up in its editing capabilities tonight. Sorry for the weird formatting.

Regardless, these are the two horoscopes I consult on a pretty-much-daily-basis and I love 'em.

I, for a long time, wanted to write a book called "Everything They Didn't Tell Me," and that all applies to today's horoscopes. I later came to realize that the title w/should have been "All They Wanted To Tell Me That I Wouldn't Have Understood If They Had."

So, I'll go to bed with this: I'm grateful that "they" (ma, pa, other mentors, adults and friends in my life) let me figure all of this on my own (with a GREAT deal of their help, assistance, love, acceptance).

I know I'll have sweet dreams and I hope you do too!


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