18 August 2005

Military Spending Anyone? Education? Security? A n y o n e?

I'm continuing this after a response to a comment I got from Rob about the post I did on Ben Cohen's Oreo Video.

TrueMajority is (a two-word-in-to-one miracle like MoveOn) the project of Ben Cohen. Rob, remember a few years back I wanted to drive in this circus of circuses that was a tour of amazing concept vehicles to draw attention to gross federal budget concerns? Here's one account of the great act of creativity that was. That was one of my favorite projects of TrueMajority. Another example of the parade is when they set Bush's pants on fire. (I've emailed them to ask why there are no pictures of the parade on their site?! Seems something to be proud of to me...).

Also, Ben Cohen is involved with a favorite corporate responsibility group of mine, called Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities or Priorities! for short. You may also remember a pen I carried around for ages that you can see here (first item). Or below:

(They read "Global Military Spending" and "Federal Spending on Selected Programs")

I love that pen. I'm sure I have one or two somewhere. If one were to get in to any arguement regarding the federal budget, espeically in light of the Military/Pentagon budget (and you're inclined to do so when carrying this pen, it seems), you have fodder RIGHT THERE IN YOUR OWN HANDY CHART! You can really bring the board meeting to the bar with this one. Go ahead and feel free to squash some arguement that our military needs to spend hundreds of billions more than any other country in the world.

My blood is starting to boil writing about this, so I'm going to stop.

More fun "military spending is out of control" videos here.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

Military spending is out of control. I have been hearing Internet rumors recently that the Pentagon is developing contingencies and strategies for imposing martial law in the event of another sep11 type event, all the talk is about a dirty nuke weapon being transported via ship into a port city.

Scary really. Whatcha gonna do; say; think: if the mlitary sets up road block checkpoints and enforces a curfew?

That is totally obscene and anathema to Americanism. But the crazy rightists will tell you those who oppose the police state are terrorists! It's obscene. George Bush is my personal source of terror. No one is safe with that man in power.


At 2:04 AM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

yeah, maybe my blog just plain sucks. but nobody comments on my entries.

something would be better than nothing, even if it's, "hey that post sucked." Or, "you should just delete your whole blog and stop wasting your time." At least that would show people care enough to spend a few minutes!

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Susie said...

Only Lindsay and you comment on my entries! This isn't for anyone else, is it? I was thinking about why I blog after I was challenged about it on Friday night. I'll do a post about it in a few minutes...

I love it when you and Lindsay (and the few random folks who, god only knows, how they come across me) comment. I'll try to comment on your blog more often...


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