18 August 2005

Uncle Roman

A few weeks ago I asked my great uncle Roman to send me the links he uses to get his information about politics. When I have the time/energy I will sort through and get the web address posted on this site.

Read the whole thing to see how my heart goes out to him. Human existence is sometimes, completely, unreal to me. My brother's blog is where "Robbie" argues some of his stuff and I'm "QSAY," whatever.

From Roman:
Forgot to send you my sources of information. Following is a list of most of my sources but not all:

VOLPAC (Sen Frist)
AGAPEPRESS (Christian news)
FedWeek (news letter weekly)
NewsMax (I also subscribe to magazine)
Conservative ALERT
Catholic OnLine
American Decency.org
Obscenity Crimes.lorg
Federalist Patriots
Center For Indiv Freedom
Armed Forces News
Chuck Muth News
InvestigatorsInsight (Gary Halbert) There's more, but all I can think of right now, but should be enuf for
u to see where my "politics" comes from......
I belong to the Conservative Book Club (read a lot. take "notes" for future ref to counter liberals.
Subscribe to "Army Times" weekly (it isn't lib or conserv, although I suspect it goes more towards the Left since USA Today bought Army Times. I believe USA Today generally has liberal spin, but not too bad. I read it occassionally).

I am on e-mailing list of the Democratic Party of MO (just to get their views, plans, etc).

I am a member of Republican PAC that meets monthly in Springfield. Meeting discussions, plans for upcoming elections, etc are e-mailed to members that missed meeting.

I exchange letters, information, etc with other volunteer Republican conservative activists. (Lots of the stuff I send where QSAY is an addressee goes also to my activists. Plus more that we exchange among ourselves).

**** Daily, I exchange and argue with Robbie, of course. Once in a while I agree with him but not often. He comes across as being too far Left - hopeless case. But I enjoy the exchanges although some days he sends me so many of his "updates", personal remarks, etc, that I don't get around to reading anything else! That's ok I welcome it. Keeps me "warmed-up!" Roman

PS Worried somewhat about Joe. And Helen. Joe keeps us posted as to what's going on in CA as to their health problems, etc. I, too, am getting old as Joe is. What would I do if I didn't have you guys, Rob and little Suzy, to argue with? Hope all going well with whatever you are engaged in. DNC? Good luck, but not Too Much!


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...



He IS living in an alternate universe!

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

"Following is a list of most of my sources but not all..."

the suspense is killing me. My guess is that it's not the ghost of Mr. Rogers though. - willing to wager on that.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

Here is a snippet from an email response I received from Roman:

"All of you Hanoi Janes, Hanoi Durbans and Hanoi John Kerrys and others that counter those of our young citizens in uniform, who exploit the murder of military personnel as political fodder to undermine public support for the Republican administration and our CinC GW Bush in advance to midterm 2006 election: YOUR ACTIONS ARE TANTAMOUNT TO SPITTING ON NOT ONLY THOSE WHO WEAR OUR NATION'S UNIFORM, BUT THOSE WHO HAVE DIED IN IT! What great shame you bring upon yourselves, family, and our nation."

His response was to a letter in which a retired military service man decried the actions of Larry Northern, who attached a pipe and chains to his vehicle and drove over the crosses of "Arlington West."

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous RP said...

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At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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