08 July 2006

One Big Production

Bienvenido a vida.

It's all just one big production-and I'm glad for that.

Tomorrow my big production is getting Cassie and myself up for coffee before we proceed to antiquing. I have to say, my life has become a spectacular place-dare I say it's always been.

I've managed to find myself surrounded by crazy and sane friends alike; to know my parents still and love them so dearly I can hardly stand it; to admire my brother for his adventure and daring; to see New York every day differently; to wake up every day and have the wear-with-all to keep on keeping on. For serious: what more is there?

Life amounts to nothing short of spectacular. My friends do more and more amazing things every day, I love them through out and benefit from their development.

Bottom line, is I'm blessed, and to go to bed faster, I'm going to leave it at that.

Love, and lots of it, since that's all there is-to you.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I spoke with Dan a couple of weeks ago. He, Jael and the Buddha are/were in PA, but traveling to check out OR, NM & VT. Lobby them to come live in NC where life is good, cheap, peaceful.

I could envision lots of boating on Lake Jordan and Falls Lake.

Yer old boss, J. Edwards, is looking good in Iowa.

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Phullllease said...

This says nothing at all. WTF. Write something else please. Like: NOW.

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