29 July 2006

Wow Is Spot On

From an email I just sent to a friend-seemed more like a post to me, so thought I'd edit a bit and put it here--All is grand! How are you? Quick aside: I work plainly silly hours some (most) times and one of the things that really trips me up is wanting to socialize post-work. I talk to a lot of people but it sure doesn't feel "social". It just kind of adds to the work. And having friends who are patrons doesn't make it less work, it makes it more. I LOVE having people up, but oy, it takes a lot to explain that when I'm working. There are actually things to do-which is not always apparant to the common spectator of a service industry job being carried out. How many drains to unplug, inter-employee fires to put out, drunk people to ask to leave, paperwork so people get paid, explaining to do, deal making, pleading...is endless. Restaurants and the extension of them, I think, at the moment, is one of the most real, intense real life dramas. I'm glad to be a part of it, but for people who don't work IN it, it must be so difficult to imagine what we just may be doing all the time...It's really a lot of stuff. Anyway, my desire to chat and be with friends after (and outside of) work, is very real. Now to work the schedule so it works for me...That's it...to the email:

Just had a drink with one of our chefs-first time he and I'd had drinks since we've worked together. Refreshing. I really do like the folks I work with. Interesting, complex and over-all lovely.

Had the chance to spend some quality time on the roof of my work tonight. The cresent moon was out in all its glory. Was red just before it dipped below the horizon. Earlier in the night there were gorgeous low clouds flying over us. Planes flying through them looked like ufos and allowed my mind to wander. Priceless. It's so great to see the same thing in a different way for the first time.

Started reading Mrs. Dalloway. Reads like the movie felt, which makes me admire the writers/directors of The Hours. I need to see it again.

Tonight around 11 I had the first tinge of a wish for sweater weather. Funny that we (I) spend plenty of my time wishing current weather away for weather of the coming months. No doubt come Feb I'll be wishing for sweltering heat.

Airplane by The Indigo Girls

Up on the airplane
Nearer my God to thee
I start making a deal
Inspired by gravity
If I did wrong I won’t do it again
Cause I can be sweet and good and nice
And if I had enemies their friends
I’ll hold to my life with the grip of a vice

And I’m up on the airplane
Nearer my God to thee
I start making a deal
Inspired by gravity

That little spot on the ground is my hometown
I like to call it my home and it’s sweet
I’d rather take a seat down there
Than a throne up here up above 30,000 feet
And I’m up on the airplane

I never should have read my horoscope
Or the fortune on the bubble gum strip
Saying what you think won’t happen will
A great thing to read before a trip
On an airplane

Pilot says the big blue sky’s like a swimming pool
Big fluffy clouds like a feather bed
I’d rather have a real pillow underneath my head
Lying in my bed which is in my hometown
Which is on the ground
Far from an airplane
(my bed my hometow )
Far from an airplane
(on the ground my bed my hometown)
Far from an airplane
(on the ground my bed my hometown)
On the airplane
(on the ground)
[I’ll be making a deal]


At 12:32 AM, Blogger Peggy W said...

Watching, noticing clouds is a gift. I'm so glad you do it. so do I.
Bill Bettencourt and I leaned on the balcony rail at G'ma's on Wednesday and watched your same crescent moon as it descended between the silhouettes of two live oak trees on the California horizon. 'twas lovely.
Thanks for a place to tell you this...

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