31 January 2007

New Cameras All Around!

I got a nice little new camera with which I will be documenting...well, everything, from now on! I'm SO excited.

Who else got a new camera? My Brother! Rob's is decidedly more sick because he's a dead serious photog. (I think he should compile a bunch and enter them as screen saver candidates. They're all I use as backgrounds, too.)

WA HOO! To a new era of blogging--well, or an era revisited. I've been without camera for almost a year now. Hard to believe.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger The Mama said...

Holy shit! Susie, its Stephanie Pearson (now Melillo) from freshman year UVM. I randomly came across your blog and saw you had a brother named Rob and I thought it must be you! How are you?? I have blog too---for my daughter--thats right I have a kid! Just click on my name to see it. My email is stephie3280@hotmail.com Hope you are well!!

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