10 May 2008

28 is Great

I turned 28 a week and a half ago.

See what my bro did on my birthday here!

My day included...

My cake! Vanessa and Russell at work made it for me and the rest of the office. That's a pink rain boot on that green cake (yum yum yum cream cheese frosting!). I'm notorious, I guess, for my pink boots.
...There was this incident where one of our friends who owns The Bridge Cafe (where we eat allllll the time and with good reason), George, saw me "talking to produce" at our grocery store. I was wearing pink boots with my pants haphazardly tucked into them and the thought I was nuts, gesturing and talking to, well, the greens.
George tucked tail and ran, thinking he didn't really know me at all, and I had completely lost it.

I was talking to my bestie Michelle on my ear piece, though! Hilarious.

George managed to get the story around my office and, it seems, the rest of Manchester, pretty quickly. The boots are thusly famous.

Then I ate it!

The middle of the cake was pink and green--two of my favorites!!

Me, Maura, Judy and Alex at CR Sparks in Bedford. Yummy salmon!

I had dinner with friends from work, Alex, Maura and Judy-I had a really really nice time with them-and there was a duo there who we pretty much dined with. It was fun. We even did a sing a long a little...

The singer and guitarist at CR Sparks; super nice guy! They played this song that I love (and Alex thinks is super creepy) "Your Party" by Ween. That was cool. And the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant song "Please Read the Letter (that I wrote)(?)."

More dessert!

More friends at Piccola in Manchester :) AND Matt from the Edwards campaign (and my former roommate!) came up from Boston for the evening. SO nice! (in this picture is Matt on the left and my roommate/friend/colleague, Vanessa on the right.)

It was, maybe, the best birthday I've ever had. Lots of notes, emails, a few calls, Rob sent really nice earrings, my mom and dad made a donation to my favorite cause (me), Sara sent sun drops from Whole Foods and a book about sex wrapped in map wrapping paper (God, does she know me or WHAT?!) and the cake at work was really the icing on the cake ;)

I'm still happy about it.

And I feel good to be 28. I'm happy where I am in life. I really like my apartment, my roommate, my job, my family and my friends. What else is there?

Does that answer your question, Stacey? :)

I am excited to, someday, own a home (house or apartment, I don't care) to decorate. I think that will be fun...til then, though, my nomadic existence is OK with me.

Especially doing what I'm doing. Check out the new website: Jeanne Shaheen for US Senate



At 8:09 PM, Blogger Maria said...

Happy Birthday... a little late. :)

At 7:51 PM, Blogger ames said...

Sounds good Susie! Happy birthday.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger stacey said...

excellent! so glad it was fun. 28!? over the hill right around the corner ;P

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing birthday!! The story about your perceived craziness+pink boots=awesome.

Isn't it kinda weird to be 28?? I still feel so much LESS mature than that, and certainly not quite ready to do the things that grown-ups are supposed to do (house, marriage, kids, etc.). Maybe I'll feel differently a year from now?

Anyway...sorry this comment got insanely long, but I must just say this: seeing the picture of you doing a sing along made me realize that I think we should TOTALLY rock some karaoke after I move back to the U.S.!!!



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