09 June 2006

Baked Brie and a Glass of Rose, Please

Oh what a day. Life is good, right?

I got a call at 10:30 this morning, waking me up from a very peaceful slumber, from my coworker, Andy. He asked that I take today and tomorrow off and come in Sunday instead. That was fine, I don't make plans anymore anyway. So I stayed in bed, had some more crazy dreams and made an appointment for a massage, manicure and other girly things. That was good. I've not done my laundry, but I have tomorrow off, too. And I called everyone who I've been meaning to call and see to see if we could hook it up. So far, so good. I have a lot of dates I'll be too tired to be interesting for. Oh well!

Now I'm sitting at the Robeling Tea Room in Brooklyn, which is very close to where I live with a plate of baked brie, pears and walnuts. The only thing I can think of being better would be being with my family at our lake place in Wisconsin. Or with any of you there, for that matter. It would be devine. But since I can't get there at the moment, Robeling Tea Room will do.

I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment in S Williamsburg. It's good. It's nice to live with women, who while they may not be any neater or cleaner, have at least fallen off trees related to the one of which I fell. I have a closet, which is not in my room, but I think bigger than my old one and the room is DEFINTIELY bigger. And, interestingly, louder. I'm closer to the street than I was. I actually sleep in ear plugs which helps a lot. Ear plugs are amazing.

Holiday Mathis of Star Tribute astrology may have hit the nail on the head: TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The wheels of your mind spin and whir as you contemplate new ways to earn your daily wage. Maybe by making people laugh. Maybe by feeding their bellies with fine food or perking their ears to your encouraging words.

I am most certainly keeping my ear to the ground on new fangled ways to make money. Mostly because my job is killing me. But that's all I'm going to write about that for now, because I'm in Brooklyn and it makes me feel so far away from work, it's really quite amazing. And while I may not be the hipster Brooklyn begs for, I think I do them quite well, too.

Time to go let old roommate into the apartment so he can bring us furniture, then a Mexican fiesta at S 2nd St with Cassie and Emily. I guess I should take the hint from the two fruit flies who've plunged to their deaths in my rose and get out of here.

From my cotton candy fingernails to your eyes, have a great fucking day!


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Sara said...

i saw a rose for sale yesterday at trader joe's...said it had "hints of cherries and cottan candy." fire that marketing dude/ette.

i'm so happy to hear you like your new digs! i went to a fun dyke bar not too far from you...can't remember the name, but hipsters all around and a fund d.j.

love you!

At 12:39 PM, Blogger cole said...

yes, earplugs are little taste of heaven at times.

At 8:40 PM, Blogger cole said...

hey. changed the URL for my blog to www.beingstaceyd.blogspot.com, so you probably want to change your link.

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

Baked brie and a glass (or several) of Rose? Why don't I live in Williamsburg anymore? I'm pissed. We could've cherished the 'burg together....Can we go back to Moto sometime soon?

Maybe on my next visit. It's heartening to know you'd still prefer a sunset at the cabin to your new hipsterist digs. Just try to vibe on the good new tunes (literally the music. I'm dying to dance).

Love you, Sooz. You're often in my thoughts.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Robert Whitlock said...

Sophiscated, and Posh!

Send in the escargoe! ┬┐No?

At 9:05 PM, Blogger anna-brooklynn-1351 said...

Helloooooooo world!


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