30 July 2007

New Hampshire, John and Elizabeth Edwards

We had a really amazing weekend here in NH with the Edwards. Check out the press they got and *see* them if and when you can! Both are amazing people and I'm feeling very proud to work for the campaign.

I still miss my friends and family. I think working for this change is the absolute best thing. The only thing I'd trade it for? Oodles of funds and a sail boat. And I'd be happy to pay taxes on BOTH :)






13 July 2007


It was under the passenger seat in my cah.

I'm free of the US borders once again!

Not that I have time to travel, but now I COULD if I WANTED to.


12 July 2007

New Hampshire

NH has been great-I love the country side, I love the people and their dedication to the political process.

I had something else to say and I can't remember.

For now, go see my brother's pictures: here

I could look at them for days.

I remember!

I met someone, I can't remember who, he was expressing concern for the disheveled nature of his hair. After a nap or something there was a mish-mashed piece on the side of his head. "A dream exploded there."

I lost it. YES! Of course a dream exploded there! What say did you have and now your hair is just like that and God forbid you put the dream back!

Cheers! To dreams exploding.