31 October 2005

Trans Fats

Partially hydrogenated oil might be killing us.

Just saying...

24 October 2005

I Live In New York

There are several things that this means:

I live in a very small room in a three bedroom apartment. It has room for my twin bed, a dresser and a book shelf. I can't even stretch on my floor because there's not enough room for my legs.

I work 4pm to 2am about every night.

I drink Sprite out of bottles I buy at bodegas.

I eat mango that is sliced for my from street vendors.

I gain knowledge from homeless people on horticulture.

I wait in lines that take a half hour to get packages at the post office and one of the postal clerks is the funniest person I've meet in three weeks.

I choose to do things that present themselves.

Today, while picking up my laundry, Natalie, the woman who takes my laundry, asked me if I had a boyfriend. "No," I replied. This has been a theme as of late with the onset of fall and all. She asked if I wanted to meet someone who is also a client of hers. I like adventrure...so she gave me his number and now we're meeting for drinks on Sunday. HA! This is FUN :)

New York is an amazing place. Full of amazing and talented people. We don't get along all of the time, but for the most part I think we all hang out pretty well together.

That's all. That's my big news of the day. Off to work!

21 October 2005

I Love the Internet

But you knew that already, didn't you?!

Through Frederik Samuel I came across Pysop. Great intro and then I went to propaganda. I'd explore more, but I need to get ready for Boston since my bus leaves in an hour and a half and I've hardly gotten anything together. And I've got a Monte Carlo party to attend!

So excited.

Ci-zao for now.

Busses and Pedestrian Signs

If you take the M14A or the M21 in Manhattan, please call the MTA and tell them what you think of the service! I called to tell them that the M14A needs more busses during rush hour (at 9am this morning my driver had to skip *4* stops because the bus was completely full (and some woman was a total bitch to me about being too close. Unreal. Like we don't all go through this together!)) and late hours (there's one every hour from Meat Packing District to the East Village from midnight to about 4am). The M21 is consistently 5 minutes EARLY. Which is just lame. Also that the M21 needs to run more than every 15 minutes.

phone 718 927 7499
fax 718 927 7498
in New York 311 will patch you through to the MTA.

I never thought I'd be a fan of privatizing busses, but can you imagine the mobility we'd have if Fung Wah ran NYC busses?!? I'm going to BOS tonight on Fung Wah. $15 each way. I can't get from the 80's to Alphabet City for $15, but I can get to ANOTHER CITY. Somebody, please help me to understand this!

Next: Highlights magazine for adults. What's wrong with this picture?

That's right! It tells you NOTHING. Exactly nada, zip, zilch, NOTHING. I think NYC is trying to decrease population by killing stupid pedestrians. Just a guess.

20 October 2005


I've all but vanished from the face of Manhattan. It's the previously mentioned jet lag-getting used to a schedule that is similar to the club kids. Speaking of which, my new job, which I love, has brought me to some of the strangest places. Clubs. They are loud; make your organs vibrate (not in a nice way) and are bright and dark and filled with strange good looking people. Reminds me of frats.

No Malice Palace on a Tuesday night is a good shot at perfection. I think I'll stick with that.

To Boston tomorrow for a Monte Carlo party at Syliva's. Going with Rachel and meeting Vanessa--going to be amazingly fun!

I miss you, Homies!

19 October 2005

Things I Remember and I Remember...

...Why I LOVE my apartment. In the winter, when I sleep with my curtain open, I see a moon. Diffused by one of the only trees in Manhattan. I love it here. I love my window and its perfection. Thankfully, I remember why I love it in one of the hardest, but my favorite times, autumn. It means I have something to look forward to with the snow.

Things I've Learned in the Past Five Weeks:

Everything is money
People will do anything for money
There are liars
There are actual stupid people
People will say anything for what they want
People will pay anything for what they want
Becoming nocturnal is the same as jet lag

And my personal philosophy:
People are people
It's one thing after another
And we die

Some of those things I know, but have re-learned. I love the industry I'm in. It's humanity 24/7 alls the time. It's all true, but exactly not, at the same time.

I count myself genuinely lucky.

05 October 2005

Couch Bike and a New Job

So I got a new job. I'm up now at 6:40am getting ready for it. But, sometimes I don't start until 6pm. This is only to illustrate the crazy hours I've been working and the amount of sleep required for me to function properly. Last night for the first night in a looooong time, I fell asleep on the couch watching E! (one of my favorite TV channels--shows though are: Grey's Anatomy, Weeds and I don't know how many times Kate is going to have to tell me that Entourage season is over). Falling asleep on the couch is only indicative of how tired I am. However, the job is good and fun and all is v v new.

On to bigger and better: my friend Seth wanted me to post this site about bikes. It's a good idea, the whole premise of renting people movers that don't take the environmental toll that cars do. But the link is actually to a site about a couch bike. A COUCH BIKE.