30 July 2005

Down with Bush-Waiting for Obama

Good news: Bush's Approval Ratings Down

Better news: Barak Obama '12?

Franken: Please take Coleman's Senate Seat! It's getting too heavy for his empty suit...

I just read this on the Huffington Post about Norm Coleman (R-MN) flip-flopping on stem cell research. Now, just because he's coming to a place where I can agree with him doesn't mean he's getting any nearer or dearer to my heart. And I CERTAINLY will not vote for him.

Enter: Al Franken. This is my personal plea to Mr. Franken to please run for Coleman's Senate seat. Minnesota needs you; the US needs you. We need you for your wit; we need you for your populist politics; and we need you to help revive this state to what it could be, and was on its way to being, under the leadership of Senator Wellstone.

Chances are good that Mr. Franken is up to the battle: Franken says he's more likely than not to run for Senate '08.

Go for it, Al!


If I was really excited...oh, say, about a really great dinner I just had at Levain then I'd probably post what you see to the left.

Yup. That's it! Fo' shiz!

I had tuna wrapped in scallop, seared. Then duck. With figs. A pineapple, coconut amuse bouche with green curry foam (are you KIDDING?! And, nummers!, was it good!). This place is NOT fooling around. Thank you Steven Brown. Thank you Brad (our stunning server).

Too bad that's the extent of my review.

Plus this: Levain has the best looking line I've ever seen. ("Line" refers to the chefs who are "under" the Executive Chef. In this case, Steven Brown.) They are h.o.t.! Nice one Chef Brown!

New Person Stopped By! Come Celebrate!

A person with a very interesting blog commented on this blog. I haven't a clue how he found it since neither Kate nor I have told a soul (other than Susie's family) that it exists...I suspect he found us through my brother Rob's political blog (don't let that scare you! Embrace! Embrace! Great commentary and excellent articles): Right Left, Wrong Right

But that's just my guess. Here's Peter's blog-which is amazing, thoughtful and from the source (and fab photography to boot). I'll be adding some links of his as well. Thanks Peter, for being our first visitor AND out-side-the-family commenter.

Reporter's Private Notebook

Now, off to sleep in the blissful Midwest summer night-
Thanks to all for stopping by in our nascent stages!

29 July 2005

Thanks, Paul. I knew the French weren't so bad...

An op-ed by Paul Krugman helps us understand why French fries and French toast may remain...and let's not forget French wines...Read on for why I, for one, will embrace the French ever more:

Read Krugman's Op-Ed

28 July 2005

Susie and Kate

Here we are! Finally-In the flesh..in a picture. Introducing: Susie and Kate.

We've also updated our links. It makes me (Susie) realize that I don't know the internet as well as I thought I did. In light of this: We're glad to consider whatever you've got-any glimmering treasure hidden among the myriad of blogs, pages and commentary, we will be glad to consider linkage. Be sure to check out whatever interests you-there should (or someday will) be something here for everybody. If not...well, then we're just not as well rounded as we'd thought.

Go enjoy the weather!

17 July 2005

Day One

This is the beginning of writings, thoughts and opionions of Susie and Kate. We were waitresses (servers) together in Minnesota three years ago and have been friends ever since. Now we both reside in New York City (Alphabet City and Williamsburg) and are interested in food, fashion, social issues, ridiculous reality things and other anythings and round abouts. Mostly, we're intersted in expressing our opinions and hearing yours.

No one lives in this city alone; together it's better.