30 August 2005


I feel compelled to post cause my mom has directed a couple of her friends here and it has been AGES since I've posted...well, at least it feels like it since I don't post every single thing I find exquisitely interesting any more...

Let's see what I can come up with...OH! I know! From my friend Michelle's blog. This may "speak to you".

"Phoning Mother"

Now, if that doesn't have you in stitches ladies, I don't know what I can do for you ;)

More soon. Glad to have you in the blog-o-sphere!

PS Mom: I don't keep up with blogs-it's IMPOSSIBLE-there are MILLIONS (billions, maybe?). I do read Michelle's every day because she is amazingly hilarious; Huffington Post, too.

28 August 2005

Rupert Murdoch buys MySpace?

Is nothing sacred?

26 August 2005

art arT aRT ART

Crapity crap! Lots more to see!

Barbara Kruger Another genius.

Truisms by Jenny Holzer

Some are true; all are interesting and provocative.

Truisms (This version will give you a headache if you are hungover or sensitive to strobe lights.)

Non-headache inducing version

Thanks goes to the delightful Lily for these...

More Jenny Holzer...the more I look, the cooler it gets...

24 August 2005

Albert Ellis: "People are crazy and stupid!"

I discovered an interview with Albert Ellis on Lindsayism this morning and have been excited about it since.

Then I went to his website and now I'm all stoked about going to his class next April. Far be it from me to plan that far in advance, but this actually inspires me to. I guess I'll be in New York for at least that long, then. That's sorted.

If you are one of the 5 people who read my blog and want to come with me, just let me know!

US people less aware? You don't say...

I came across this in search of "google talk". Lindsay told me I *had to get on right away* but I can't find a link.

ANYWAY. Spelling. "Residents of the United States are far more ignorant about the rest of the world than the rest of the world is of them." Only demonstrates ONE way we think of our country as the center of the universe.

Bullshit Protector~who couldn't use one, really?

From my brother's blog comes this piece of genius:

23 August 2005


Katie's blog, in whatever state it's in, will be linked to my measley little blog.


Because Katie Halper is Hilarious.

Wa Hoo!!!

22 August 2005

My Friend's Brother's Band: Listen!

Go listen to my friend Lesley's brother's band Grasshopper!

The more plays the better for them--and you! Who doesn't like to hear new, chill tunes?

Why I Blog

So, Friday night I was asked why I blog and, more specifically, why I ask/request/tell my good friend Kate to read it. I think I might know why.

In a time where everyone has their own pulpit to preach from, I want my own too. I'm not going to get a TV show to talk about what I think, what I wear (or want to, more realistically), any ideas I have...Blogs are cheap, lasting mirrors. A way for me to see myself and express interests in things I couldn't/wouldn't in daily discourse.

That's why I blog. Why I ask people to read it and comment is because, I, like many people I know, thrive on intereaction with other people and especially on their thoughts about my ideas and me.

It's a little ego centric, I suppose. It's also an exercise in creativity. And I like it. And I contribute by reading others' blogs and commenting there, so I'm participating in a community, albeit an electronic one.

Conclusion: I am no longer attached to whether any reads my blog or not, I just prefer it if they/you do!

19 August 2005

Swimming Holes Still Exist?

The NYT had an article about swimming holes today. I can't help but remember Balinas in the Bay Area. Where planes were too far away to hear them and strangers shared fruit. We swam the perimeter of Bass Lake and watched people swing from the rope swing (we're not all crazy). I miss this when I'm here in New York City. I do.

18 August 2005

Military Spending Anyone? Education? Security? A n y o n e?

I'm continuing this after a response to a comment I got from Rob about the post I did on Ben Cohen's Oreo Video.

TrueMajority is (a two-word-in-to-one miracle like MoveOn) the project of Ben Cohen. Rob, remember a few years back I wanted to drive in this circus of circuses that was a tour of amazing concept vehicles to draw attention to gross federal budget concerns? Here's one account of the great act of creativity that was. That was one of my favorite projects of TrueMajority. Another example of the parade is when they set Bush's pants on fire. (I've emailed them to ask why there are no pictures of the parade on their site?! Seems something to be proud of to me...).

Also, Ben Cohen is involved with a favorite corporate responsibility group of mine, called Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities or Priorities! for short. You may also remember a pen I carried around for ages that you can see here (first item). Or below:

(They read "Global Military Spending" and "Federal Spending on Selected Programs")

I love that pen. I'm sure I have one or two somewhere. If one were to get in to any arguement regarding the federal budget, espeically in light of the Military/Pentagon budget (and you're inclined to do so when carrying this pen, it seems), you have fodder RIGHT THERE IN YOUR OWN HANDY CHART! You can really bring the board meeting to the bar with this one. Go ahead and feel free to squash some arguement that our military needs to spend hundreds of billions more than any other country in the world.

My blood is starting to boil writing about this, so I'm going to stop.

More fun "military spending is out of control" videos here.

Cindy/Casey Sheehan Vigils Wildly Successful

Way to go MoveOn and the people of this country.


Grizzly Aristocrat

Grizzly Man looks like an amazing movie...I've still yet to see The Aristocrats and I very much want to.

That's all for now :)

Uncle Roman

A few weeks ago I asked my great uncle Roman to send me the links he uses to get his information about politics. When I have the time/energy I will sort through and get the web address posted on this site.

Read the whole thing to see how my heart goes out to him. Human existence is sometimes, completely, unreal to me. My brother's blog is where "Robbie" argues some of his stuff and I'm "QSAY," whatever.

From Roman:
Forgot to send you my sources of information. Following is a list of most of my sources but not all:

VOLPAC (Sen Frist)
AGAPEPRESS (Christian news)
FedWeek (news letter weekly)
NewsMax (I also subscribe to magazine)
Conservative ALERT
Catholic OnLine
American Decency.org
Obscenity Crimes.lorg
Federalist Patriots
Center For Indiv Freedom
Armed Forces News
Chuck Muth News
InvestigatorsInsight (Gary Halbert) There's more, but all I can think of right now, but should be enuf for
u to see where my "politics" comes from......
I belong to the Conservative Book Club (read a lot. take "notes" for future ref to counter liberals.
Subscribe to "Army Times" weekly (it isn't lib or conserv, although I suspect it goes more towards the Left since USA Today bought Army Times. I believe USA Today generally has liberal spin, but not too bad. I read it occassionally).

I am on e-mailing list of the Democratic Party of MO (just to get their views, plans, etc).

I am a member of Republican PAC that meets monthly in Springfield. Meeting discussions, plans for upcoming elections, etc are e-mailed to members that missed meeting.

I exchange letters, information, etc with other volunteer Republican conservative activists. (Lots of the stuff I send where QSAY is an addressee goes also to my activists. Plus more that we exchange among ourselves).

**** Daily, I exchange and argue with Robbie, of course. Once in a while I agree with him but not often. He comes across as being too far Left - hopeless case. But I enjoy the exchanges although some days he sends me so many of his "updates", personal remarks, etc, that I don't get around to reading anything else! That's ok I welcome it. Keeps me "warmed-up!" Roman

PS Worried somewhat about Joe. And Helen. Joe keeps us posted as to what's going on in CA as to their health problems, etc. I, too, am getting old as Joe is. What would I do if I didn't have you guys, Rob and little Suzy, to argue with? Hope all going well with whatever you are engaged in. DNC? Good luck, but not Too Much!

Well, a couple things...

My parents, as retired, hedonistic and still taking care of me as they are, are still politically active. I was UBER impressed when my mom invited me to her vigil for Cindy Sheehan at her and my dad's home in Wisconsin. Little did she know, they'd be the most popular vigil in the hood! The two nearest were in Sommerset, WI and Menomonie, WI. Neither of which are close to where-they-are, WI. My mom, as of about 4:15 EDT, thought she and my dad would be the only ones at the vigil at their house.

They weren't alone, of course.

I am extremely proud of my parents. They have been outspoken about the wrong-doings of Bush administration for as long as I can remember. They confront their friends, even when it's uncomfortable; they continually teach my brother and me, while they continue, to speak truth to power.

I am forever indebted to their teachings.

Cindy Sheehan, I remember you and your son Casey tonight. Thank you for all you are doing.

16 August 2005

Down the Hatch

  • Down the Hatch
  • is a fine establishment. Strongly recommended for the good deals. Right in the heart of the W Village. (I don't know why there's a bullet point there. I don't think I put it there...) It's not as NYU-y as the reviews say. Or maybe it is and the THREE DOLLAR BEER distracted me. It's a little rough and tumble, but nothing YOU can't handle.

    It's a good place with beer that is cheap! I mean cheap, you can still afford rent, cheap. $3 tonight for a pint. OK, $2 for a bottle of Heinekin at Corner Bistro, great. $3 for a pint of Stella? Sign me up. (Although, if you want a burger, definitely go to the Bistro.)

    Cheers to Dylan, Seth for showing it to me, ultimately to Mattie for telling Dylan about it. Matt has good experience with this city ("good" as in quantity, not "good" as in quality). And I appreciate it.

    15 August 2005

    Military Spending, Oreos

    Oreos used to be loaded with trans fats. (NY has recommended restaurants ban them themselves.) So, now, you can eat them. But, if you're Ben Cohen of True Majority please feel free to use them to visually demonstrate the over spending at the Pentagon. Go ahead, give it a whirl.

    (This is an oldie, but a goodie.)

    Israel/Palestine Wall

    Ideas of liberation abound.

    Thanks to Lindsay for the lead.

    Why Do They Look SO Alike?!?

    The LA times writes the good people of the US an article in which it's explained why Jessica Simpson and Lindsay L and Nicole R look so much alike. They all look like their stylist:

    As the article says, being breakable is coming back in. Anorexia is one boat I'm sure not to get on!

    I'm reminded of this by this post about Terri Hatcher (who I actually very much enjoy on Desperate Housewives) who also seems to be jumping back on the rexie wagon.

    14 August 2005

    I l o v e d Sassy Magazine

    So if you're a female just about anywhere in my age range, you know Sassy Magazine. The magazine that saved us from Seventeen, YM and worse, Cosmo, Vogue, etc. This magazine had great stories, pages called "What You Say" full of witty quotes: one of which I still remember: "If 'Fe' is the periodic symbol for 'iron', does that make females 'iron males'?" That's stuck with me for almost 11 years. For a second here I thought Sassy was the only publication that published a letter to the editor I wrote, but upon some digging in my brain I realize Sassy would have NEVER wrote the girl-hating article entitled something like "When You Know You're a Slut" or some aboslute crap like that. I wrote and said what I hope you'd think I'd say: Girls have a hard enough time in high school with out lying articles like yours that pit girls against each other in a very real and cruel way. Something along those lines. In a turn of events, Rob is the published offspring now (great letters to the editor)!

    Amazing how much the small things count...Or, I guess it's not really amazing as much as it is just sad that we forget how important it is to be recognized, and recognize people, for whatever it is that we're good at. Turned out I was good at cutting up those magazines and making collages. Look where it's gotten me now. (I'm not going to touch that for the time being.) Needless to say, I would love to have a complete set of those magazines. They're timeless and what I wouldn't give to be able to hand them down to a daughter--of someone's. Maybe mine, maybe not.

    REGARDLESS, I, on a whim, Googled "Sassy Magazine". I'm not the only one! Found this: Sissy Magazine. It's the last issue of the mag that never got put to paper. The staff was pissed, disappointed-I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I still think about that damn magazine! 11 years later! I'm not the only one, either.

    Jane Pratt and Sassy also, awesomely, employed intern Chloe Sevigny who's been in Broken Flowers, Boys Don't Cry and (the creepy) Kids (remember that one?!).

    Here is some sample Sassy content. I can only hope more appears.

    Anyway, I credit that magazine (along with about a million other fortunate events) for making me a feminist, in my own terms, and I quite like it. More on that later, too (I'm sure...it manages to come up!). In the mean time we do have Bitch and BUST. Read up!

    A Day on Mannahatta

    Manahatta was the first name for Manhattan, it was the given name from the Native Americans we "bought" the land from for A DOLLAR. I learned this from required PBS program "New York". I loved the movies and think about watching them again. Or watching them in parts because they put me to sleep after an hour. Anyhow, today I was out walking, first to walk my friend Sara (Sara's on the left) to the subway, but not before we got chai and ham and cheese croissants. Le Kiosk is a simple little place right above the 1st Ave exit of the 2nd Ave F/V subway stop (E. Houston and 1st Ave). I like it because I can imagine myself to Paris and sometimes, that's what I like to do. I took this picture on my Sidekick II (I love it and soon will be able to post here FROM it...) and it's a bit blurred, but if you're walking by and this place looks familiar, I strongly encourage you to park yourself and check out the scene that develops.

    Then I was walking home (after I'd said goodbye to Sara (Sara on the left again :)) and noticed trees with lights that were powered by little solar packs in the dirt beside them. The first thing I thought of, well, of course, was that no one was paying for that electricity, which I love. Secondly, can you IMAGINE the cut in noise if we were predominently solar or wind powered societies? It seems dream-like to me. I think it (life with less noise) would inspire more peace than a million wars can. But that's just radical, hippie me, I suppose.

    (I know it shouldn't be difficult, but I can't make these pictures be right side up...sorry!)

    So that's what I was thinking. Check out Powerlight for more info on solar energy.

    Then I went home. And tried to stay cool in my apartment. That was impossible today. So my roommate and I went to see Wedding Crashers so we could be cooler. That part didn't really work since all of New York had the same idea as we did. But what we did do was buy a six pack in agreement that US theaters should sell beer, like every other country in the world. We took that upon ourselves. And we had ourselves a real New York sort of afternoon.

    Then I got a manicure and a pedicure, watched 5 minutes of The Family Guy and have since hid in my room to listen to the rain storm and try to convince myself that I do not live in tropical conditions, but rather I live in a concrete oven, that is Mannahatta.

    12 August 2005

    Eminem vs. Moby?

    History aside, Moby is good enough to recognize and promote Eminem's music video "Mosh".

    Putting my own differences with Eminem aside, I too, will post it. Watch and *surprise* almost begin to like Eminem!

    Orwell Today

    My brother is reading 1984 and intelligently copied a couple poignant passages written by seeming-seerGeorge Orwell.

    Be sure to check out the rest of his blog too-v. political and we generally agree ;)

    11 August 2005

    Random Thoughts Accompanied by Random Links (Subtitle: Bored?)

    Ohm Spa What I'd like to do is the "nail treatment" and the "deep tissue massage". Fabulous. Some day when I don't have to call around and ask people to hold off on cashing the checks I've written them. (Especially crappy when I have to consider calling landlord who WAITS UNTIL THE 15TH TO CASH MY RENT CHECK. He clearly doesn't understand my plight.) I like this more than the idea of "Bliss". I don't want to be blissed out, I want to be whole (and massaged, calm, serene, etc.).

    Paperboy Remember this, guys?

    The Unseen Video A coworker recommended this link to me. The video is cool (click on Quicktime unless you're super tech advanced), it's made in correspondence to weather (Rob, you might like that :)) and the music is amazing-by Mike Milosh. I've been trying to buy it on iTunes and they won't let me (and I've even tried to stop check payments to finance it...Oh Milosh)! (Temper tantrum ensues.)

    Mike Milosh Review of Milosh's "You Make Me Feel". Highly recommended.

    Arts and Letters Daily A generous service of the Chronicle of Higher Education. News, essays, etc.

    Bill Maher on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He translates rap from "rap in to white" speak. Will make you laugh (if you have a sense of humor). It's 21:20 in to the show.

    New York vs. Trans Fats It's amazing how bad this stuff is for people. And it's appaling that the FDA doesn't do its job and regulate.

    Atmosphere = Eggshell? Uh oh. Thanks for saying something, though.

    Now it's time for me to head out and go get some dinner. I'm going to the BEST taco shack in Manhattan: Snack Dragon (at Ave B b/t 2nd and 3rd streets). I would link to it, but Menu Pages has shat the bed for the moment apparently...

    Hasta Luego!

    10 August 2005

    Support Cindy. Support What is Good.

    MoveOn does a million and one positive, admirable campaigns A DAY. This one has a special place in my heart. The MoveOn email:

    On April 4th last year, 24-year-old Army Specialist Casey Sheehan died in Iraq. This week, while President Bush vacations in Texas, Casey's mother, Cindy Sheehan, sits vigil outside the president's ranch. Cindy says that she won't leave until President Bush meets with her to discuss the war—even if it means spending all of August there.

    Cindy Sheehan was not an anti-war activist, but the loss of her son and the mounting evidence of deception by the Bush administration pushed her to speak out. While Cindy camps roadside in Texas, dozens of other military moms are flying to Texas to join her. Her story is starting to grab national attention, but Cindy needs our support. We're asking moms (and dads, siblings, spouses and kids) from all across America to help send a message by signing our letter of support to Cindy. Will you sign?

    Support Cindy.

    UPDATE. 11 August 2005: More accounts re. Cindy S.

    Creepy; Suicide; Gorey

    I recommend these two books. They're in the same vein as Creepy Susie. Frankly, they kick ass and make me har-har-har!

    Do it!

    09 August 2005

    More Jesus...Jesus Christ!

    Whoever this Jesus freak is...I hope this satiates you!

    08 August 2005

    Oh, Karl. Why You Gotta Play Us Like That?

    Product of a contest well conducted.

    Good on you Move On; good on you Mary!

    A letter from Mary to Tom Matzzie of MoveOn.org:


    Thanks for letting me know my slogan was chosen. As I said, I was really impressed with many of the entries. It's clear that a lot people are disappointed with the current administration's lack of integrity on this and other issues.

    My entry, obviously, derives from the World War II slogan, "Loose Lips Sink Ships". The patriotic message then was clear: divulging information, intentionally or not, aided the enemy and put our armed forces at risk. The President's promise to fire anyone in his administration found to be involved in leaking the identity of Valerie Plame was consistent with the spirit of this message. Now we see this was mere patriotic posturing.

    The Right's real message about patriotism keeps re-emerging: that disagreeing with the administration's policies, actions, and decisions—especially decisions to go to war regardless of the evidence—is what is unpatriotic and what harms our troops and our nation. No matter that one of the closest advisers to the President divulged the identity of an undercover CIA operative to the press, likely putting American lives at risk and undoing years of intelligence gathering. No matter that he did so with the ugly purposes of retaliation and to undermine the operative's husband, who had the audacity to publicly question the President's weak justification for war.

    What Karl Rove did was wrong, dangerous, and tantamount to treason. It was unpatriotic. Calling on the president to fulfill his promise to do something about it is not. The special prosecutor's ultimate findings about whether Mr. Rove's behavior was intentional or criminal are irrelevant. The American people deserve more than the President "flip-flopping" over whether or not he will hold his people accountable. They deserve to know that consequences follow when mistakes are made. They deserve to see this country be secure, peaceful, and well respected once again.

    Mary Thornquist
    Catonsville, Maryland
    MoveOn member since 1998

    I liked it. I hope you do, too.

    Starfucks Part Deux

    Alernet article about the demise of coffee Manhattan wide...the Lower East Side of all places! What has this world come to?

    Monday afternoon bonus: A map so you know where to get your coffee (from the same Alternet article).

    06 August 2005


    I have been so glad for the legnth of my stay here in New York that there was no Starbucks in my neighborhood (EV, Alpha City, LES). A most hideous nightmare has come to reality. I was appaled at the one on 2nd Ave just last night?!? Where is my neighborhood GOING?!?

    I am ENTIRELY serious.

    05 August 2005

    Now, did STFU come alive before this spectacular demonstration of animation?

    That's where I learned it. It was a formative day when I embraced acronyms. If I get my Sidekick II blinged out, I might get this necklace as well. It seems it would be a tragedy if all the crystals and rhinestones were not together...

    McDonald's vs. Niger

    Niger is suffering a gross violation of the social contract we are all unwittingly, dyingly joined in by birth. I read this NYT article this morning while eating my granola from my local natural foods grocery with organic yogurt, peanuts, raisins and sunflower seeds. I felt like throwing up. Out of guilt, out of shame, anger and pure gratefulness that I've never, ever once gone hungry for lack of availability of nutritious food.

    What this article made me think of was McDonald's.

    McDonald's should sack up and sponsor relief efforts. Food Aid by governments is undoubtedly flawed (see "US Food Aid Needs Major Reform at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's website). If we're going to be capitalists and we're going to "spread democracy" and all that, then those responsible for the ever-progressing, malignant, corporate globalization should 1) foot the bill 2) be responsible to the earth and its inhabitants.

    A billion dollar corporation, basking in the fruits of raping the Amazon Rain Forest, deregulation of US farms and feeding people the absolute most unhealthy, disgusting food possible. It's time for McD's to do their time. And do their part.

    We live in a corporate run world, under their laws, with their ideas in our heads and their government in our congress. It's about time they started behaving with a sense of responsibility to the social contract they're currently violating. Exxon should mop up their oil spills, then insure that they never happen again by investing and growing renewable energy sources-solar, wind, bio diesel, whatever. If they have to, just do it for the money. It seems like Goldman-Sachs gets it.

    This is also an official request from me to you: boycott McDonald's, Chipotle and Boston Market. For me, the environment, the world...for you...

    03 August 2005

    Me? Creepy? Looks like it...

    Whether this is me in the future or in the past...or currently is unclear. But this is an excellent book.

    2 -1 = Me!

    So, my dear friend Kate, the redheaded bombshell, has silently and, perhaps unwittingly, opted out of blogging with me. I feel confident this is not a reflection on my Jesus posts. I hope that she will join in occassionally for commentary and, if we're lucky, restaurant reviews and articles about the Sons of Norway.

    Pourin' a 40 for you, Kate.

    02 August 2005

    Big day for Jesus on blogs today...

    Maybe this Jesus plays football with the other Jesus?

    New subject! Cause I can! Cause it's my blog!!!

    I harbor only a tiny bit of shame about wanting my sidekick to look like this. As my friend Seth said, "to match your blog!"

    I'm pretty stoked about it. Too bad it's a ridiculous $400.

    Feel like blowing $400?

    Hand off to Jesus

    Maybe this is how close Dems need to get to Jesus to win?

    It's certainly served the Republicans well, hasn't it?

    If only Unions were churches...

    As long as we're on politics...

    I've just discovered Amy Sullivan of Washington Monthly. Nicely.

    Two articles: One came out right after the '04 Presidential election and I've loved it ever since. Fire the Consultants. This is about how the Dems are, seemingly, expressly not using talent that has essentially developed its self (oppose to the Pubbies who grow their talent from zygotes) and instead using consultants who have solid track records...of failure.

    The next is about, ahhh, Hillary in '08. Not so fast... I'm still on the fence re: Hill in '08. I think she a great leader (especially if people get over her being a woman) but I'm not sure the American public is ready for her.

    I guess we just have to hang on and see what happens. Please Gov. Dean, take us in A direction

    ...just SOMEwhere!

    OUCH. Have the American people been raped or have they put their schnoz in a porcupine? Regardless, this is mighty uncomfortable...

    When congress says, "No", like a small child, Bush just waits til his parents have left the house to do what he was going to do anyway.

    Smarmy = President Bush

    I wonder if that's how he gets laid, too? Does he just wait til Laura falls asleep (congressional recess) to jump on her (Bolton's recess appointment)? Cause that's rape, Georgie Poo. This man is cheating the American people! And he calls him self a patriot. What a crock.

    No means No, Mr. President

    Or MAYBE, the dems are going where they oughtn't: on recess with an inept President in office. GO BACK TO WORK and stop letting the President root around with the porcupines.