25 January 2006

O Canada?

If Cananda has voted in a more conservative leader, then where am I supposed to move to to get away from MY government? Canada, O Canada, Where Have You Gone?

22 January 2006

Is It Wrong?

To think this is, or to call it, "cute"? Cause it's CUTE!

Panda's doin' IT!

Also, found on College Humor:

I also think THAT'S cute and, perhaps, the best public service announcement in existence today. Hats off to you, Austria.

18 January 2006

Pete and Brian's One Man Show!

On behalf of my first boyfriend, Pete, and my current boyfriend, Brian, COME SEE THE SHOW!!! Here's their announcement. I definitely cannot do one that is more funny, so here:

Pete and Brian's One Man Show is back!
Pete and Brian's website is here.

Every monday @ 8:00,

February 6th to March 13th.

That's six mondays!

With a different guest host and new opening acts every week! Woohoo!

The 13th Street Repertory Company
50 West 13th Street (b/t 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.)

only $4.99!

for tickets, e-mail onemanshowtickets@gmail.com,
or call 212.512.3603

please let us know your name, what date you would like to come, how many tickets you want, your contact info, and your favorite word--maybe we'll incorporate it into the show!

[note: we're not going to incorporate your favorite word into the show.]

16 January 2006

Road Trip

I'd LOVE to go on a road trip! I've always wanted to drive from Alaska to Costa Rica. Stopping in CR for no other reason than because I love it. Above is a picture I took when Cris and I were driving from SF to Minneapolis one summer. I think it must have been 2000. Now those were some good times. Cris and I have actually driven across the entire country together, now that I think of it. From Minneapolis to Vermont, back to Minneapolis through Canada (that one was with Michelle); then from Oakland, CA back to Minneapolis. She joined me because my parents wouldn't let me do the drive alone-they were right, I had a lot more fun with Cris along. Funny enough, now she lives in the Bay Area. Go figure.

I miss traveling.

I'm going to get rid of my debt, establish a career, then take a year off. This should all be able to happen by the time I'm 50 years old. (Crossing my fingers on that one.)

09 January 2006

Sopranos; New Shoes; Sleep More; Citibank

I'm watching The Sopranos, trying to catch up on the last (how many??) seasons before this one starts. I have to say, genius marketing ploy by HBO. And I enjoy it. I've been told my next series to enjoy is The L Word. I actually ventured to New Hope, PA last night to watch the premier with my good friends Sara and Renee. It was better than I remember it, although I've only seen three or four episodes. Maybe that'll be next, but I have hours before I'm done with The Sopranos and I'm enjoying my time with the NJ mob.

I made an impulse purchase of red shoes. Because I'm in love with them and these were less expensive than I've ever seen them before.

Sleep is becoming more and more a priority. I'm trying to work out how I'm going to work it in. I'm also having unreasonable fantasies about becoming some sort of travel director. For a volunteer program maybe? Take people to the last pieces of wild in the world and do volunteer projects to help sustain forests for just a little longer. Or maybe luxury safaris with no socially redeeming value what-so-ever, but I get to see Africa?

What I want is in ridiculous flux at the moment and it's giving me a headache. Career? Travel? Debt? Solvency? Stability v. excitement and adventure?

Any ideas are welcome, either in comments or in emails. But please, if you don't like the shoes, keep your mouth shut :)