23 June 2006

The Last Couple Weeks: In Parts


Well, I've not had internet for a while. Whatever is wrong with it at home, I'm waiting for Cassie to deal with. One she knows more about that stuff than I do, two, she's a hell of a pusher on the phone. I, am not. I am too nice sometimes. I'm working on it. Hopefully by the time I have rugrats I'll have an "A in mean" as my mother often told me she did when I would rail and tell her she's the meanest mom in the world (she wasn't and isn't. I was wrong...). Anywho, while I'm in Wisconsin this weekend, I'll write some. Ever-self-editing, the best way to know what's going on is to get a drink with me. But I don't do that much these days either. Oh wait. Yes I do. I definitely still get drinks after work these days. You can count on that :)

Part Uno:

Biggest news to date is that my grandfather died almost two weeks ago. It was about 5 weeks ago that I went to see him and I'm so so glad that I did. I remember the last time I saw him, as I was walking out the door. And the way that former-minister, cum manager at the home, made me (allowed?) to cry on my way out. Understanding people are few and far between and, God, do I appreciate them. I'm pretty sure my grandpa helped me make my plane to MN yesterday. Polly mentioned in her blog that when her grandmother died all she wanted to do was put her hands on her parents and be sure they were still around. I waited, patiently, I will add, two weeks to see my folks. And after my grandpa died, all I wanted to do was be with my parents. After run around with HR that triggered one of my worse days at work, I'm here. I'm only afraid that I'll not want to leave come Sunday.

Part Deux:

Since I needed to see my parents-and I mean "need" here, I do not mean "want". They are too important to me and I am too far away from them to not see them when I need to-and they were generous enough to buy me a plane ticket back to MN to drive to to WI for a weekend at the cabin. Straight to the cabin and straight to the airport. Just the way I like it.

Interlude One:

I'm lucky to have Kate and Matt coming up tomorrow for a feast we'll put together whilst my folks are at a party for a friends' daughter's marriage in Stillwater, Minnesota. They'll arrive tomorrow afternoon and spend the night and take me to the airport on Sunday afternoon (after my dad makes waffles, bacon and sausage-and yes, two breakfast meats are REQUIRED at the cabin. No discussion necessary!). I walked by the guest bedroom up here (of which there are plenty-the place is made for visitors-I absolutely love it here-more on that in Part Something Or Other) and there's a needlepoint pillow that reads, "Friends are the best presents". It made me think of Kate and I am so grateful for her, for Michelle, Sylvia, Vanessa, Emma, Cris, Emily, Jean, Sara, Jake, Adam, Brendan, Stacey, Nicole, Tammy, Leigh, Stephanie, Lindsay, Eli, Amy, Cassie, Andrew, Ben, Jenna, Erin, Andy V, Darci, Justin, Doug, Eric, Paige, Rich and of course Rob, Mom and Dad (and Boots)...and the other lovely lovely people who make my life a garden (adapted from Goethe, to give credit).

Interlude Two:

I left work on time yesterday to get to the airport. Then I trusted signs that said to take the E uptown to JFK. Turns out if I'd stuck with it, it may have worked, but I freaked because I'd not gone that way before. I got off the E, and got on the A going downtown. I ran into an old bartender from my work and he took all faith I had that I'd make it away. So, I trudged off and went to wait for a taxi. $45. Hmph. I looked at my phone. 4:45pm. FUCK! All the cabs are off duty cause they're going to turn over! I flagged diligently and did what I could. At 4:55pm a cabbie pulled over, I mouthed "JFK" and he waved me in. He said, "I could tell by your face you really needed a ride." "I just *really* want to go home!" Inducing tears. But those went away. UNTIL I saw the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. It was a parking lot. The tears, you know, the silent kind that just stream down your face, started coming. I told myself I wouldn't call my mom until I was really concerned about missing the flight. I thought it left at 6:25pm. I was sure I'd miss it. I cried. The cabbie ignored me, which I really appreciated. Then I called my mom at about 6. This was the closest I've ever been to hyper ventilating, for the avoidance of it I thank yoga and meditation, but I just don't recall this kind of physical upsetness. But there I was. I had snot pouring all over me, so I yanked a t-shirt from my bag and made it into the massive hankey I never had. SO I was on the tele with my mother and she was like, "your flight leaves at 6:45, Susie." "No (heave) it (heave) does (heave) n't!" And it did. If it did leave at 6:25 I would have missed it. 6:45, I had a chance. I was so mad at myself; mad at the prospect of not spending the night in WI last night and just mad that it hadn't worked the way it was supposed to.

Part Three:

I don't think I can organize this in parts. And I have to go grill asparagus since that's the part of dinner I'm responsible for. Rib roast, pop overs, tomato and avocado salad and grilled asparagus. Anyone want to be here?! I'm stoked.

My dad and I went on a bike ride today. It was nice. I don't exercise much in the city, so it's nice to do here. I'll sleep like a baby again tonight.

More later. Lots of love, as always.

Adventures of Susie Land

More soon, for now, I'm in WI with my folks. I'm so happy to be here. I miss them so much when I'm in New York (which is, dur, most of the time). Boots the cat is here, too. He's 20 and still rockin. We're all kind of amazed (although, Rob, are you amazed?).

I'll write more tomorrow. For now, I'm just stoked to have consistent internet.


09 June 2006

Baked Brie and a Glass of Rose, Please

Oh what a day. Life is good, right?

I got a call at 10:30 this morning, waking me up from a very peaceful slumber, from my coworker, Andy. He asked that I take today and tomorrow off and come in Sunday instead. That was fine, I don't make plans anymore anyway. So I stayed in bed, had some more crazy dreams and made an appointment for a massage, manicure and other girly things. That was good. I've not done my laundry, but I have tomorrow off, too. And I called everyone who I've been meaning to call and see to see if we could hook it up. So far, so good. I have a lot of dates I'll be too tired to be interesting for. Oh well!

Now I'm sitting at the Robeling Tea Room in Brooklyn, which is very close to where I live with a plate of baked brie, pears and walnuts. The only thing I can think of being better would be being with my family at our lake place in Wisconsin. Or with any of you there, for that matter. It would be devine. But since I can't get there at the moment, Robeling Tea Room will do.

I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment in S Williamsburg. It's good. It's nice to live with women, who while they may not be any neater or cleaner, have at least fallen off trees related to the one of which I fell. I have a closet, which is not in my room, but I think bigger than my old one and the room is DEFINTIELY bigger. And, interestingly, louder. I'm closer to the street than I was. I actually sleep in ear plugs which helps a lot. Ear plugs are amazing.

Holiday Mathis of Star Tribute astrology may have hit the nail on the head: TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The wheels of your mind spin and whir as you contemplate new ways to earn your daily wage. Maybe by making people laugh. Maybe by feeding their bellies with fine food or perking their ears to your encouraging words.

I am most certainly keeping my ear to the ground on new fangled ways to make money. Mostly because my job is killing me. But that's all I'm going to write about that for now, because I'm in Brooklyn and it makes me feel so far away from work, it's really quite amazing. And while I may not be the hipster Brooklyn begs for, I think I do them quite well, too.

Time to go let old roommate into the apartment so he can bring us furniture, then a Mexican fiesta at S 2nd St with Cassie and Emily. I guess I should take the hint from the two fruit flies who've plunged to their deaths in my rose and get out of here.

From my cotton candy fingernails to your eyes, have a great fucking day!