26 March 2008


I'd heard about this, but hadn't seen it until just now.

"What you're about to hear is a portion of a jaw-dropping speech delivered by an Oklahoma State Representative at a gathering in her district. This is what they say when they think we're not listening. Learn more at the Victory Fund."

There are moments when I feel uncertain about our country and our world's future. Right now, this just makes me mad.

25 March 2008

Art Update

So...I was completely wrong.

Not Japanese artist, but a Finish artist.

Artist Maija Louekari. If you click on "textile prints," scroll right and you'll see a bunch of her cool work.

If I could read it, I think it would say that this is a gallery or store:

Marimekko Oyj Suomi

And if I were to guess again, I'd say this piece is called "Kaiku" and was made in 2004.

Who knew? I'm into Scandinavian art. This calls for a trip to Finland! (In my dreams...)

I was also reading a book of poems my mom and dad gave me last Christmas by Bill Holm called Playing the Black Piano. It's a beautiful compilation, mostly about life, and of course, death. There's a poem I read that made me think of the art, that I want to share with you in this post, but I left the book at home. So, again. This will require an update!

Sending love, world round.

24 March 2008

Michelle, Politics and Spring

It's great to have Michelle commenting on here :) How'd you find it Chelle?

I'm in a world of donations today:

For my candidate Jeanne Shaheen

And for my cousin who's running for Congress in Texas' 7th District, Michael Skelly.

There are so many races out there that need help-both monetary and volunteer help. If you can, take a look at some races. The DSCC and DCCC are good places to start your search, and find one (or 20) you want to follow. Think of it as Political Season Madness. Get involved, follow along with what's going on. Maybe write a letter to the editor or two on your chosen candidate's behalf. Comment on a blog somewhere about them. Ask friends and family to donate.

Every thing counts. Every dollar, every letter, every phone call, every person you talk to in every line you're standing in and every door you knock on.

No one will ever know what one thing pushes a campaign over the winning edge, and it may just be what you did. No one is immune-we are all affected by politics. So get involved and make a difference you can be proud of! It's up to us to change the course this country is on.

Oh and my bike is on the way. Spring is springing. Thank God.

20 March 2008

March Madness

I just totally failed in selecting my bracket for March Madness. I tried to do it before the tip off of the first game 4 minutes ago, but totally missed it. I wasn't through 2 regions when they tipped off! UGH! So much for last minute bracket picking.

It has, however, given me sufficient enthusiasm to watch the games. I'm excited for March Madness for the first time IN MY LIFE.

Aywho...that's all for now.

How are you?

19 March 2008

The Necklace Nate Gave Me

I love the necklace Nate sent me for Christmas. It reminds me of Brooklyn for some reason, or my life in Brooklyn.

I really miss New York.

It's not the best self portrait ever, but the necklace is wood, with a piece of larger silver behind it. Inlaid in the wood is, what looks like mother of pearl, bird and egg. Very springy!

Thanks Nate!

18 March 2008

My new home in Manchester

This is my new, fabulous apartment in Manchester. I really like it and my new roommate. She's hilarious and fabulous and shares a similar passion for fun, food and clothes that I do. And she works out a lot, which inspires me, etc.

The apartment is also in an old mill building here, which I love. If one is going to live in Manchester for an extended period of time, one ought to live in a mill building. I'm lucky it's possible this time around.

This is my new piece of art (a printed piece of fabric stretched across a 48x48" frame). It's a Japanese artist. I'll look on the back tonight and update tomorrow.

This is my new mirror. I got it for a slashed price at the Crate and Barrel outlet in Maine. Great deal and I think I'll keep the mirror for a while.

Both the art and the mirror remind me of my family's first cabin in Eau Clare, WI. Kind of 70s chic. The dresser was there when I got there and it makes no sense for me to change that...At least the woods match??

Our living room! Vanessa just invested in some nice furniture. It's a great addition to my life for the next 7.5 months and I'm grateful I didn't have the capital expenditure. Although, I'm considering buying a television. I suppose I can always sell it...Might have to be after a couple months of getting paid, though! (Vanessa and I have opted out of internet and cable. We're not home enough. I appreciate her rational decision making!)

Both Vanessa and I are interested in entertaining, and a TV that's good for movies is a nice touch for that. Also considering a decent sound system for music and movies. I feel like it's a good investment now, better than furniture for me, although it, too, seems like a premature move to settling down. Which I don't know if I'll do for a while...

Our GREAT kitchen. I mean. Come ON. It's awesome. We really lucked out. And I just invested in a $50 skillet from Caphalon. It was on clearance.

Life is good!

13 March 2008

A great quote

When will we all see the truth?

This is getting so old.

11 March 2008

I moved...back to New Hampshire

Well, not that I ever really left, but I'm still here now.

I'm excited to be working in NH politics for another year and a GREAT race.

More soon, mayhaps...If I can figure out how to sign into my Flickr acct, I'll post some pictures here, too!

Hope all is well!