31 August 2008

Because I Can

It will be a wonder if anyone ever sees this site ever again.

But. I thought I'd take the liberty, because I can, because I live in a space, a time, under a government that allows me to, to write a couple things about what I love these days.

I love that the election is so near that I can think about where I'll live next

I love thinking about my top three cities: Minneapolis, New York City and Washington DC, and where I'll live, who I'd get to hang out with and what I'd do if I moved to any of these

I am grateful that I live in the United States. Where I'm not worried if I can eat (although I'm well aware that there are many people in this country who are worried about that), where I can speak my mind (I'm aware people live undet tyrannies greater than our government) and where I can have a say in what my government looks like (civic engagement is more than voting)

I am loving a lot of music these days

I love watching my friends get married and bask in their happiness

I love watching the successes of my friends, the failures will amount to something, but will never tarnish my love for anyone

I love my shitty little car

I love that people from all over will come help us with the race I'm working on

I love that my parents are having fun in their retirement, especially that they are having fun together

I love that my family is deeply civicly engaged

I love my room in Manchster, my apartment, too

I am so glad I've avoided buying any furniture for 28 years

I can't wait to buy furniture!

I can't wait to have a cat

I can't wait to have a bed frame

my own kitchen

a job that is challenging and rewarding

to live in a city that is vibrant and full of life and people who love it

more art

a tivoli radio for my kitchen and for my bathroom

a bose ipod dock for my living room/dining room

a new set of sheets

a new set of towels

A neighborhood I like

Friends near by

Time to myself and to enjoy life

That's what I'm thinking about when I have time to think

For now, though, energy is all pointed in one direction and it's a direction I'm really happy with and my job has become something I love (finally).

Sending my love to all of you - I can't wait to be engaged again!