19 September 2008

Nothin' But Work...But Work I Like

Stephanie (my fabulous roommate from my freshman year at UVM -she, knowing that I love nothing more than some Leo Kottke guitar, saw him at the airport and went up to him and said that her roommate was his biggest fan! He said something about how I must be his youngest fan...) suggested I post more and I'd love to, but the things that I need to do just linger in the back of my head while I write!

So, 46 days til election day, and that's all that's on my mind. I sleep, eat (at my desk, not healthy), and campaign. We have a great team and we're gearing up to take over the state, and turn this thing blue.

Meetings all day and a whole lot of action.

Plus, I think I get a lot of my posting done on Facebook...all the articles, etc.

I hope in the next 46 days you'll volunteer for your candidate of choice: door knock, phone calls, data entry - or just bake some cookies and bring them to your local dem Pres, Senate or Congressional (or Coordinated) campaign office. We really like it when people do that.

Then, in the days after E Day, remember it's not over! If you have it in you, there is ALWAYS more to do!

Sending love and a reminder to visualize Obama being sworn into the Oval Office, with Michelle by his side. I can't imagine anything better right now.

11 September 2008

My Family

I really really love them.