24 September 2006

Stolen Moments

I thought of the Blarney Stone, which I kissed when I was traveling, when I was closing up shop and some darling Irish man said, ?have you ever kissed an Irish dimple". I assured him I didn't need that experience, but the offer was quite kind enough.

16 September 2006

Life is Cool

1) Ceri moved to Manhattan!
2) Tina is in town!
3) Pandora has taken to sleeping with me, she now cuddles, not just lies in the same place. This is HUGE for the Pandy.
4) New Job! Starts October 4th
5) I met Adam Sandler and had a really good time (in the context of work) with him and his sweet/hilarious crew. Made my week? Month?
6) Kate's getting married to Matt at the end of the month
a) I have a great dress to wear (thanks to Emily)
b) Awesome people will be in attendance
c) I will be giving a toast at the Rehearsal Dinner!
d) I can see having dinner with Kate and Matt in Paris many years from now. In Minnesota, too, but especially in Paris.
7) Seth and Rachel moved to Paris and now I have a travel goal....

I have to go to work now...

11 September 2006

Susie's Internet Wanderings...Today

Banksy Very cool, interesting art
((( artist's den ))) I just singed up for their email list-they put on music shows all around the country that are not slave to the current music industry's structure.
Deitch Cool production company, awesome homepage (it has music that is integral to the page...watch it at home if you must!)
Animal New York specific. Similar to Gothamist and Flavorpill, just a little more raw.


Number 1

Number 2

07 September 2006

Weeping Buddha

I love the idea behind this: the weeping buddha cries so no one else has to.

I learned of him and the concept from a great friend my first year in college. I still miss a little weeping buddha figure from ages ago. He was paired with a key chain I got in Uganda. And my grandfather's dog tags. I really really wish I knew where it was.

Le Telephones

My phone is acting up.

In ways I don't understand.

It makes me kind of nuts to know that people might not be getting through, or gettting my messages. i so rarely communicate that I want the times that I do to make some sort of difference.

x-ish o-ish, how are you?

souixsie sue