22 October 2008

Reshaping How We Think About Space, Rethinking What I "Need"

So...I've been thinking a TON about what's next. I have no idea.

I know that I'd like to own a home, I know that I want to have a job I love (don't really care where), I know that I love not being in debt. So, how to live within my means?

Tiny homes?
I could be into that. In a few hours go look at this site, Tumbleweed Homes, a guy who specialized in small homes.

I could be into this idea. After all, I loved being car-free in New York.

It's clear that it's time that we rethink how we live. I'm ready.

18 October 2008

Heather Armstrong and I Agree About A Bunch of Stuff

But, this, especially rings true.

I learned about charity and giving to the things that matter to me from my mom and my dad. From NPR to taxes, I'm proud and glad to share my money and time as a demonstration of what I love and for the betterment of society.

I cannot WAIT to have people in public office who spend my money the way I would spend it if I were in their shoes. I also can't wait to have more money, someday, hopefully, to contribute in ways that matter in a larger way.

I do not think this makes me noble or righteous, I think this outlook means I've been incredibly incredibly lucky. I know I have been, and may it be that way for countless others in the future that's before us and feels really uncertain and scary right now.

I also have a solid belief in karma. You get what you give. Sometimes not immediately (as I'm reminded daily these days), but sooner or later. It is always advisable to remain positive, loving and truthful.

My favorite prayer from summer camp:

Happiness runs in a circular motion
Love is a little boat upon the sea
Everything is a part of everything anyway
You can be happy if you let yourself be

Read more of Heather's fabulous (and hilarious) writing at Dooce.

13 October 2008

21 Days Until E Day!!

On the campaign we have a rule: after 7pm it counts as the next day.

21 days to the election.

21 days to do everything we all can! Talk about your candidates 3 times a day. Picture Barack Obama getting sworn into office with Michelle at his side. Picture Jeanne Shaheen introducing legislation on the Senate floor next year and picture YOU with health care, innovation in energy policy for the future and a government you can trust again!

Only 21 days!!